Fun with Food

Occupational Therapists and Speech-Language Pathologists use sensory based feeding approaches in this innovative program. To increase motivation through peer interaction, therapy is delivered by an OT and a SLP, working with 2 - 4 children, who are matched by age and goals. The interactive setting provides many benefits including peer modeling in a socially supportive environment.

Who Should Participate?

Children between the ages of 4 - 8 years, who demonstrate one or two of the following feeding concerns: limited food intake, poor weight gain, difficulty transitioning to age appropriate foods, disinterest or refusal to participate in meals, stressful mealtimes for family.  Child must be able to separate from their caregiver to attend the program, be developmentally interested in watching peers, and be medically safe for oral feedings.  An initial screening will determine the appropriateness of your child’s participation with this program.  If it is determined this program is not appropriate to meet your child’s needs, alternative recommendations will be provided.

Program Objectives

To Improve:

  • Positive experiences with feeding
  • Mealtime routines
  • Tolerance to foods and textures offered
  • Variety and volume of food intake

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy! Contact our Intake Coordinator at 630.282.2026 to ask questions or schedule an appointment.

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