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Cecilia Turns 100!

Cecilia Turns 100!

This month, the Easter Seals Colorado family celebrated a milestone atypical from milestones normally celebrated. Out of the 8,187 people served in Colorado few have celebrated their 100th birthday with Easter Seals Colorado. On Wednesday, February 11th long time pool goer, Cecilia, spent her afternoon at Easter Seals doing something different than her usual Wednesday routine.. eating pie, ice cream and opening gifts with friends.

100 years. On February 11, 1915 when Cecilia was born gas was 20 cents, candy was 5 cents and a stamp to send a birthday card was a mere 3 cents. While times have definitely changed, the love Cecilia felt on such an important birthday with friends, cards and smiles did not.

Although she originally found Easter Seals under difficult circumstances, Easter Seals is so happy to serve such an inspiring woman. It all started in 1999, while working at Wells Fargo Cecilia began experiencing shoulder pain. As the pain progressed, a coworker at Wells Fargo reached out and suggested Cecilia give Easter Seals Colorado Warm Water Therapy Pool a shot. Fifteen year later, here we are. Cecilia now attends the Warm Water Therapy Pool open swim on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  The open swim opportunity allows Cecilia to remain social, active while walking, hanging on the bars and doing bar work in the pool.  After 15 years of dedication, “If it wasn’t for the warm water pool I would not have the strength I do today. When I get out of that pool I feel…I just feel so good.”

At age 100, Cecilia is sharp as tack, walks briskly with a walker and moves great in the pool. With a smile, Cecilia says she loves hanging out around the jets during open swim and when asked what the secret to being that successful at 100 is she laughed and said, “Work hard. Play hard and eat well.”

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