Work Crew

Work Crews

Easterseals Colorado works diligently throughout the community to create and maintain relationships with our partners who have been interested in hiring our clients. We work to match the skills and strengths of each client with the needs of the employer.

What We Can Do For You?

With our success and expertise in so many areas of work we can provide you as an employer many different opportunities to meet your employee needs:

This is only a small sampling; discussions can be had around your specific needs and how we can best meet them for you.

What would it look like to work with us?

Easterseals Colorado would provide your business with a Work Crew. With this approach Easterseals Colorado provides its partner with a well trained, self sufficient team of 8 individuals with a professional job coach that supervises the crew. The job coach works alongside the 8 individuals for the entire shift providing on the job coaching ensuring quality, task completion and employer satisfaction.

This employment approach ensures the employer is satisfied with the workers performance and decision to partner with Easterseals Colorado. Additionally, the coaching benefits both the employee and employer by identifying areas of strengths and potential growth within the client to enhance their job skills and potential.

Benefits Easterseals Colorado can offer you as an employer

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