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Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Feeding Therapy

What is SOS Feeding Therapy?
Feeding your child is an activity that should be natural and effortless.  When a problem develops, meal time can become difficult, frustrating, and draining for the whole family.  SOS Feeding Therapy focuses on children who demonstrate some sort of feeding difficulty due to the way food smells, looks, feels and/or tastes.

Who provides services?
Therapy is provided by speech language pathologists and/or occupational therapists who have extensive training in SOS Feeding Therapy.  Due to the complexity of feeding disorders, therapists work closely with physicians, nutritionists, and other therapists as needed.  Most importantly, feeding therapists work closely with families to develop home programming strategies so that feeding can once again be an enjoyable event.

Who needs SOS Feeding Therapy?
Children who exhibit signs or symptoms listed below may benefit from SOS Feeding Therapy include a child who:
•is transitioning from tube to oral feeding
•eats less than 20 different foods (or no oral intake)
•has poor weight gain
•has a limited variety of tastes and textures in diet (demonstrates refusal of entire category of food textures)
•has difficulties transitioning to advanced textures
•has maladaptive behaviors around eating
•is experiencing power struggle during meals or falls apart at meal time

Want to know more?
Contact our Peoria Center at 309.686.1177 or our Bloomington Center at 309.663.8275.

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