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Occupational Therapy

Easterseals Central Illinois Celebrates Occupational Therapy Month


otmonth At Easterseals Central Illinois, our experts in pediatric occupational therapy help children with developmental delays and disabilities with a variety of daily living tasks. Some of those tasks include fine motor skills, sensory processing, hand-eye coordination, motor planning and independent living skills.

 Occupational therapy is essential to the Easterseals Central Illinois mission of helping children reach their full potential. The Occupational Therapists at Easterseals and the child’s family work together to set goals to help improve the child’s independence, quality of life and self-confidence. Occupational therapy at Easterseals involves both direct treatment in the therapy session and supplying activities to caregivers that they can implement at home between therapy sessions. 


Our multidisciplinary team of experts communicates across departments to bring collaborative care for children and families. Easterseals Central Illinois provides physical, speech, occupational and developmental therapy along with Applied Behavior Analysis, Autism social skills group, Counseling, diagnostic clinics and more. Easterseals Central Illinois works with children and families 0-21.


As a community resource, Easterseals Central Illinois also provides free trainings, including one happening on April 18th discussing Occupational Therapy and how it can help children with Autism. For more information on that session visit ESCI.link/autismtrainings.



Hayden, Age 8

Parents Daphne and Kevin knew something was going on with their son, Hayden, but were struggling to identify what it was. He was diagnosed with Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder and Executive Functioning deficits. Hayden has been receiving occupational therapy services with his occupational therapist, Lauren, for two years. With the help of Easterseals Hayden’s dexterity and coordination has greatly improved and he can now tie his shoes and jump rope. Hayden also now has the tools to better regulate his emotions and communicate how he is feeling


Isaac, age 4

Isaac was born with Spastic Quad Cerebral Palsy and is currently receiving Occupational Therapy Services at Easterseals!  He loves music and his favorite artist in Charlie Puth. Isaac is working on activating certain toys that require pressure, and just recently he was able to activate his gumball toy all by himself! “This was a huge milestone for Isaac,” said his mother, “and we could not be more proud!”



Jocelynn, age 13

Jocelynn was born with Down Syndrome and has been receiving services from Easterseals Central Illinois since she was 3 months old. Currently she is receiving speech and occupational therapy at Easterseals. She has had many milestone moments at Easterseals over the years including taking her first steps, saying her first words and writing her first words. Jocelynn continues to make huge leaps in her school education because of the support she receives from Easterseals.

 Jocelyn OT MONTH

Jacob, age 5

Jacob can be seen speeding around the halls of the Easterseals Peoria Service Center a few days a week. Jacob was born with Down Syndrome and he currently receives speech, physical and occupational therapy. Thanks to his occupational therapy at Easterseals, Jacob can now zip up his own jacket and take it on and off. He now also eats mostly using a fork and spoon. He continues to work hard in therapy and play with his favorite toys including puzzles and Play-Doh.


What is Occupational therapy?

Occupational Therapists at Easter Seals provide evaluations and ongoing therapy to assist in the improvement of fine motor, self-help, sensory processing, visual-motor, coordination, motor planning, play and independent living skills.  OT’s may also provide hand splinting and/or casting to assist children with functional hand use.

Who provides services?

All therapy services at Easter Seals are provided by registered and licensed therapists who specialize in pediatric services.  Therapists are also credentialed and enrolled as providers of Early Intervention (EI) services. Therapy involves both direct treatment and home programming; families receive developmental and therapeutic information for activities they can implement between therapy sessions.  Family involvement is a critical component of therapy.

Who needs Occupational Therapy?

Children who demonstrate difficulty using their hands for daily activities such as eating, dressing or writing and children who are challenged by processing of sensory information, or who have difficulty with visual discrimination or motor planning.

Occupational Therapists at Easter Seals have additional training in:

Want to know more?

Contact our Peoria Service Center at 309.686.1177 or our Bloomington Center at 309.663.8275.

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