The Banyan Tree Award is named for the National Tree of India… Its unique linked roots and branches symbolize unity and represent the interconnectedness of peoples, cultures, and economies around the globe. Presented annually by the Passage to India Board of Directors and Easterseals Central Illinois, award selection criteria include:

  •        Promoting greater understanding and appreciation of Asian-Indian Culture
  • Fostering International Goodwill
  •    Creating innovative solutions to complex problems
  •    Modeling the time-honored spirit of philanthropy; and
  • Exhibiting Visionary Leadership

Past Banyan Tree Award Winners

  • 2021 Raj Subramaniam
  • 2020 Rajiv L. Gupta & Dr. Mehmood Khan
  • 2019 Dr. Norman Bourlag
  • 2018 Rami Kadri & Jai Shekhawat
  • 2017 Ashok Trivedi
  • 2016 Vish Mishra & Arun Nayar
  • 2015 Desh Deshpande & Sam Pitroda
  • 2014 Vijay Govindrajan
  • 2013 Sanjay Khosla