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Virtual Dap- Day 3



Today we are going to meet my friend Max, and talk about patience!  View Today’s Video Here   Download Todays Video Here

1.      The first sheet is an activity! (download here) The video and sheet explains how to experience what it might be like with low muscle tone.

2.      The second activity is a challenge! (download here) Demonstrate patience while you use a mirror to draw Otto the Owl

3.      Next up its time to show your support! (download here) Wearing crazy socks is a celebration of being different and shows support for individuals with Down Syndrome like our friend Max.

4.      Finally, tell us about at time you had to be patient. (download here)



How did these activities go? Send us photos/videos! Share you completed worksheets with us!


Do you/ your child have questions about Down syndrome? Or other differences?


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