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Virtual Dap- Day 1

Physical Differences

Today we are discussing physical differences.  Click Here to View the Video   Click Here To Download The Video 

1.      Today’s video includes a short version of our interview with Rachel Harmon about her son Waylon. You can also watch the full interview (which is awesome) at this link:

2.      The first activity sheet (download here) asks you to consider what makes you unique. What makes you different from other people?

3.      The second activity is a challenge! (download here) Try using your non-dominate hand to do some daily tasks and rate how it makes you feel.

4.      Optional Activity:  Try the CP Challenge! Find out what it is like to have limited use of one, or both, of your hands with the #CPChallenge. See the activity sheet for details.


How did these activities go? Send us photos/videos! Share you completed worksheets with us! Email

Do you/ your child have questions about Spina Bifida, or other physical differences? Email


PS miss the live assembly on Friday? No worries, view it here:

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