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Spanish Translation: Prepararse para el jardín de infantes
Chinese translation: 為幼稚園做好準備
Arabic translation: Arabic Translation

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Story: Why We Stay at Home


Create rules for the house with your child and share with family. Try to follow rules and talk about times when rules weren’t followed.
Have a conversation with your child, ask questions about what your child is saying, take turns talking, and introduce new words related.
Go on a walk and practice social distancing at times (so child can experience). Also practice gross motor skills (hop, jog, and skip). 
Allow child to assist with meal prep. Identify print in the environment and discuss food portions (ex. 1 cup of milk, 2 teaspoons of butter), also help with clean-up. 

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Cognitive/Language:  Color scavenger hunt! Learn colors by showing your child something of a specific color and name the color – 'this is a red glove'...then go to find something of that color together 'look we found a red car' and place both items down next to each other stating 'they are both red!'. For children who are learning and know some colors, ask your child to find and bring something color 'blue' and start with basic colors. For added difficulty, ask them to find more objects — '5 red items' or something dark blue AND something light blue. 
Movement:  Choose a cosmic yoga video!  They are so much fun!   //  For babies, try these easy baby yoga poses as well (for ages 12 weeks and up):
Language & Literacy:  Look at a book, pictures, or magazine that has vehicles. Make the sounds as you point to each picture.  Pause for your child to notice your face/sounds and possibly imitate.  Older children might “read” it to you instead, telling you the sounds instead. For added fun, try movements/actions (for example, rolling your arms like wheels, pulling the chain for the train horn, sprawling arms like an airplane).

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Watch CNN/Sesame Street Town Hall for children and families (4.25.20):
Community Topics:

Find materials at home to make face mask

Dr. Gupta shows Elmo how to make a mask:
How to make your own mask at home:

20 Second Parenting Tips

Prevent Child Abuse Illinois started focusing on the current situation and created tips (for those of us homeschooling and working and trying to juggle it all) - it's great to browse through.

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Healthy at Home Toolkit (Ready Rosie/ Creative Curriculum activities)

English –

Spanish -

Active Listening - English Anytime Books - English
Active Listening - Spanish Anytime Books - Spanish
Familiar Faces - English Individual Patterns - English
Familiar Faces - Spanish Individual Patterns - Spanish
LEGO Activity - RCADD Place Setting Activity - RCADD
Rhyming Riddles - English Taking Care of Myself - English
Rhyming Riddles - Spanish Taking Care of Myself - Spanish

Mondays with Michelle Obama
Story-Times with Penguin Random House and PBS KIDS
Streaming on YouTube and Facebook at 11 AM (CT)

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May 4: MISS MAPLE’S SEEDS, Story and pictures by Eliza Wheeler

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