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Spanish Translation - June 19, 2020
Chinese Translation - June 19, 2020
Arabic Translation - June 19, 2020

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Watch the entire Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism recorded from June 6th CNN and Sesame Street Town Hall for kids and families.

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Watch the entire ABCs of Covid-19 recorded from June 13th on CNN's Sesame Street Town Hall for kids and families.

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Self-Love is not SELF-ish!

Taking care of children and coping with life can leave us feeling cranky, sad, unmotivated, and sometimes even sick. Join me in discovering ways to model self-love to your children and improving your overall day-to-day functioning. 

Time: Jun 23, 2020 02:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 911 4246 4312     Password: 481140
One tap mobile: (312) 626-6799, 91142464312#, 1#, 481140#  US (Chicago)
Dial in on your  phone: (312) 626-6799 US (Chicago)

Save the date for a Wendy D&B Zoom concert for families on Monday, July 6, at 4:00 p.m. 

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The following websites are recommended by the Office of Head Start for activities that promote mindfulness for children and adults. This is important because it can help manage our emotional response when we faced with stressful situations.

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• Helping Young Children During a Trying Time - English • Musical Water - English
• Ayuda para niños pequeños con discapacidades durante tiempos difíciles • Musical Water - Spanish
• Calm-Down Poster - English • Parent guide to helping families cope with covid-19
• Calm-Down Poster - Spanish • Picture Pointing - English
• IELP Please Don’t Go! Separation Anxiety • Picture Pointing - Spanish
• Letters to a Tee - English • RCADD Kitchen color sorting activity
• Letters to a Tee - Spanish • Ready or Not Kindergarten, Here We Come!
• Sorting Game - English  Tissue Paper Play - English 
• Sorting Game- Spanish • Tissue Paper Play - Spanish

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A Toolkit for Supporting Families Impacted by COVID-19: Healthy-at-Home Toolkit with Ready Rosie Creative Curriculum activities in English  -and-  Actividades en Espanol

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Move like an animal: Find a space that allows for large movement (preferably the yard if possible).  Choose animals based on toys or books the children are already familiar with.  For example- flip through an animal book and try the animals on each page.  You can also just think of animals together. Older kids may be able to choose the animal or guess how the animal walks.  Little ones might enjoy watching you or having your help them to “move” like that too.

Large Motor movement:  Make an obstacle course!  Young children may not be able to follow it as independently as the boy in the video- but they will certainly enjoy following YOU or walking WITH you through the course.  Even the littlest children may enjoy being carried/moved in different ways as you talk through your motions. (we are turning around and then we jump!)
Paint stamping: This is a great way to learn about shapes, colors, size, etc. while practicing small motor skills.  Explore with different items and the kinds of stamps/prints they leave.  Wine corks, sponges, or even potatoes or apples make good stamps as you can cut shapes into them.

Sensory Bags: Get creative and put various colorful items into the bags!  Just be sure they are sealed and taped very well.  These won’t hold up to much biting, so be sure this is well supervised.  These can be great for little ones doing tummy time, to have something interesting to look at and touch.  For our mobile children, you can add a game of “eye spy” to see if your child can find the items inside.  (I spy a ball.  I spy something blue. Etc.) Even older children might enjoy this game, and you can make the direction harder (I spy something that starts with “s” or I spy a hexagon. Etc.) 

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