In response to COVID-19, Easterseals serving Chicagoland and Rockford has adjusted programming and rescheduled events. View details here.
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We are planning some great activities for parents/guardians, and would like to hear from you on what kinds of activities you would like us to offer! Please complete this survey. Thank you!!

Planeamos algunas actividades fabulosas para padres y tutores. ¡Nos gustaría escuchar de ustedes para saber que tipo de actividades le gustaría usted que ofrezcamos! Favor de completar la encuesta por seguir el enlace a continuación. ¡Gracias!

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Domestic Violence

Illinois Coaltion Against Domestic Violence

Covid 19

Do I need a COVID-19 test?


Apply for food assistance and food resources

Dance with Choosey

Choosey Kids: Dance

Parent Videos from Illinois Early Learning Project

  • This video shows ways that family members can encourage a baby's interest in books! Baby Meets Books
  • Engage children in early writing experiences to support their early literacy skill development. Let's Write a Grocery List

    Chicago PrE-Learning

    chicago pre learning

    This online education platform for birth - 5 learners and their families provides everything you need to continue education outside of the classroom and in the home.

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    BOX 4K

    Here are some educational tips and activities from Head Start, Ready4K:

    Fact: As children learn to walk, run, gallop, and tip-toe, they build the motor skills and spatial awareness necessary for moving around in life.  It also keeps them active!

    Tip: Try challenging your child to move from one to another, in different ways, and as their skill allows (roll, crawl, walk, run, gallop, tip toe, skip) This helps them to gain balance and get the hang of moving around in their environment.  Start with a skill they have mastered, and keep providing challenges/new ways of moving as they are able.

    Fact: Puzzles are big brain builders! They help develop memory, problem-solving, and early math skills.  Best of all, puzzles are great fun!

    Tip: After you finish a box of cereal, cut the front of the box into three big pieces to make a puzzle. Demonstrate how to put it together, and challenge them to help, or even do it on their own! As your child gets better at the puzzles, you can cut the next box into 4 pieces, then 5 pieces, and keep increasing the number of pieces as your child grows and develops their skills.

    Fact: Good problem solvers break problems into small steps.  That’s because problems become far less overwhelming when we approach them in little pieces.

    Tip: When it’s time to get dressed, talk about the different steps of the process- whether you are dressing them or they are learning to do it for themself.  Break it into small steps such as: “First we put your head into the shirt.  Then, we put your arms in.  See you can do it!”  Keep breaking down other problems or activities with multiple steps.  Celebrate past successes: “Remember when you learned to put your pants on one leg at a time? You practiced and you can do it now!”

    How to Enroll in Head Start/Early Head Start

    Spaces fill up fast for our programs so secure your spot as soon as you can. All of our Head Start Child Care Learning Centers are taking the safest and healthiest precautions possible during this time of uncertainty. Your family's safety and health is our most important job. Enroll today!

    Online Head Start Application

    Back-to-School Weekly updates and Virtual Learning

    Educational resources and weekly updates

    Additional learning activities the team put together for our families this summer

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    Easterseals is funded by two separate grants for Head Start/Early Head Start Services. We are a grantee of the Office of Head Start for services provided in suburban Cook County and a delegate of the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services for services provided in Chicago.

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