In response to COVID-19, Easterseals serving Chicagoland and Rockford has adjusted programming and rescheduled events. View details here.
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Spanish Translation - November 16, 2020
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Remote Learning Resources for Parents

Here you'll find everything from YouTube videos on 'How to log into a ZOOM call' and 'What apps to download' along with what to expect from our team during virtual learning. We've compiled these great virtual learning resources just for you during remote learning.

We are planning some great activities for parents/guardians, and would like to hear from you on what kinds of activities you would like us to offer! Please complete this survey. Thank you!!

Planeamos algunas actividades fabulosas para padres y tutores. ¡Nos gustaría escuchar de ustedes para saber que tipo de actividades le gustaría usted que ofrezcamos! Favor de completar la encuesta por seguir el enlace a continuación. ¡Gracias!

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Covid-19 Can Be A Confusing Time For Children And Families. These Resources Explain It In A Simpler Way!

Sesame Street

Sesame Street Helps Explore Thanksgiving And Self Care

Chicago PrE-Learning

chicago pre learning

This online education platform for birth - 5 learners and their families provides everything you need to continue education outside of the classroom and in the home.

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Feelings Treasure Hunt: THANKFUL

Take time this week to talk about what it means to be thankful. Be sure to point out what you're grateful for and do some thankful activities.

  • Make a family thankful poster – draw, paint and glue things you are thankful for to a large piece of paper or cardboard. You can cut pictures out of old magazines, use family pictures, draw, paint etc.
  • Make a thank you card for someone you are thankful for.
  • Make a snack together and share with the family.

Taking Care Of Yourself And Others Is A Great Way to Learn And Show Kindness

Family Is So Important But Comes In All Forms. Read Along With These Great Stories.


Here Are Some Great Tips From Ready4K To Get Conversations Started And Learning Going

Bedtime is a great time to learn! 

Tips: As you read a book, hunt for familiar pictures or even letters that are in your child’s name. 

Tonight, say a silly goodnight to your child’s nose, eyes, and ears.  As you name each part, blink your eyes, wrinkle your nose, and wiggle your ears!

Growth:  Before you child falls asleep, celebrate one problem they have solved today.  For example, “You tried and tried to put on your sock, and then you did! Great work!”

Talking about other people’s feelings helps children to learn how to consider others.  This makes it easier to form friendships, share, and work together.

Tips: As your child is playing, point out how others are feeling, for example: “That boy is smiling.  He looks happy to be playing at the park.  You are happy at the park too!”

Growth: Keep talking about emotions.  As you read, help your child relate to the emotions of the characters, for example: “That boy feels sad.  Do you feel sad sometimes?”

When reading is important to you, it becomes important to your child too. Reading print throughout the day, shows your child just how essential it is.

Tip: At home, read food labels, share why they matter, for example: “These words tell us what’s in the cereal.  We need to know about that to stay healthy!”

Growth:  Keep reading print!  Now invite your child to point to words they want you to read.  Look on signs, magazines, or toy boxes.  As they see it, you say it!

How to Enroll in Head Start/Early Head Start

Spaces fill up fast for our programs so secure your spot as soon as you can. All of our Head Start Child Care Learning Centers are taking the safest and healthiest precautions possible during this time of uncertainty. Your family's safety and health is our most important job. Enroll today!

Online Head Start Application

Back-to-School Weekly updates and Virtual Learning

Educational resources and weekly updates

Additional learning activities the team put together for our families this summer

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