In response to COVID-19, Easterseals serving Chicagoland and Rockford has adjusted programming and rescheduled events. View details here.
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Curriculum and Activities

Curriculum and Instruction
All School Programs: K-12

Easterseals aims to provide our students with as many opportunities as possible to engage in age-appropriate social and leisure activities, as well as to gain important community experiences.Our teams of specialized staff utilize a total communication approach (i.e. augmentative communication devices, sign language, visual cues, gestures, etc.), to maximize the learning opportunities. Students participate in a wide range of activities from functional academics and life skills to vocational training and supported or independent employment. Classroom placement is determined by the age and instructional needs of students. 

The Core Curriculum Map is aligned with age and grade appropriate academic instructional activities and the Illinois Learning Standards and Common Core Career and College Readiness Standards.

Use of Community Based Instruction for all students, increasing in the intensity and frequency with which it is provided as the student ages, in the following areas:

Curriculum and Resources


We host many special activities and events throughout the year, which may include:

Parents/guardians are notified of upcoming activities and events throughout the school year.  Many of our events and activities provide opportunities for parents and families to share unique experiences with their student.  We highly encourage parent/guardian participation in our various activities.

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