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TAP Presents October = Anti-Bullying Month

with kindness from me to you

> One out of five students report they have been bullied.

> That number is even higher for those who have autism spectrum disorder.

> Individuals with ASD are bullied 30% more than their same-aged peers.  

The research is overwhelming in suggesting kindness is the solution to stop bullying.

Kicking off our 2020 Campaign is our very own President & CEO, Sara Ray Stoelinga!

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We are asking our community to COME TOGETHER!

Research shows that communities who come together can reduce and put a stop to bullying. At Easterseals Serving Chicagoland and Greater Rockford, we have certainly made a dent but, we have much more work to do. The Autism Program of Easterseals (TAP) has created a community kindness jar and we are asking people to submit names for school-aged individuals who do acts of kindness. We are also asking you to submit a video, photo, or statements on...

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E-mail your submissions to

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Download the KINDNESS Calendar for Families here.

October = Anti-Bullying Month so Easterseals is in full gear creating awareness. As part of our responsibility to educate and raise awareness of bullying prevention, we’re providing a list of resources for you to explore during the month of October and beyond. Brought to you by The Autism Program of Easterseals.

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CyberBullyHelp offers a help center, resources, trainings and presentation:

Illinois State Board of Education website displays legislation on bullying and offers suggestions and resources:

Illinois laws on bullying:

Top 10 facts that parents, educators and students should know:

Assesing community strengths and needs to develop a comprehensive community strategy:

Bullying and Students on the Autism Spectrum:

If you have done everything you can to resolve the situation and nothing has worked, or someone is in immediate danger, there are ways to get help. Get Help Now:

Thank you to our amazing partners who support this campaign and spread kindness everyday!

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From the Mayor of Rockford and his staff

Mayor McNamara, his wonderful staff, and the City of Rockford kicked off World Prevention Day, the first Monday in October (105/2020) by presenting our Easterseals TAP team with this proclomation. Thank you to the city of Rockford for their ongoing committment to this cause. They truly support what we are doing in the community to bring awareness and importance to anti bullying.


Funding provided in whole or in part by The Autism Program of Illinois and the Illinois Department of Human Services.

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