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2015 Child and Adult Ambassadors

Noe - Child Ambassador
Noe - ESCT Child Ambassador

A recent graduate of Easter Seals Central Texas ECI program, Noe is now enrolled in a program at Del Valle Independent School District.  Noe came to Easter Seals Central Texas with some delayed development issues, but has progressed through his program and is showing marked improvement.  

Noe celebrated his third birthday this past May and, with his family, is very involved in their church and church groups.  Noe is known to be a very loving son and devoted brother to his sister, over whom he is very protective.  A responsible member of the family, Noe helps around the house, washing dishes and cleaning up after play time.  Noe’s favorite responsibility, however, extends to looking after the family puppy, “Shakira.”  

Kaleton - ESCT Child Ambassador
Kaleton - Child Ambassador

One of the over forty million Americans with a communication disorder, Kaleton initially came to Easter Seals Central Texas’ ECI program, showing signs of speech apraxia and articulation disorder.  In the words of his speech language pathologist, “There seemed to be a disconnect between what he was trying to say, and what was actually coming out of his mouth.”  With the help of his speech pathologist, however, Kaleton’s communication skills have continuously improved, to the point where he can relate stories to the people around him with increased clarity.  Once he turned four, he moved to our Rehabilitation program. While there’s still much to work on, Kaleton’s mother is happy to report that he is now talking up a storm.  And when he talks, Kaleton loves to act out the stories he relates, which people always seem to enjoy.

While his speech has seen a marked improvement since entering the ECI program, Kaleton still uses some sign language to supplement his growing verbal communication skills.  As a corollary to Kaleton’s classes, his mother has been taking ASL classes at Easter Seals, to better communicate with Kaleton as he learns.  As Kaleton gets ready to head to school in the coming year, his work has centered around being understood by peers in different environments.   

Beth - Adult AmbassadorBeth - ESCT Adult Ambassador

An example of Easter Seals Central Texas’ commitment to helping people with disabilities achieve independence, Beth Alden hasn’t let suffering a stroke affect her ability to live her life.  A fiercely independent woman, Beth has turned her experience into a positive and inspirational motivator.  Beth is focused on education, both hers and that of others.  She is currently enrolled in Austin Community College, pursuing a degree in nutrition.  She also uses her voice and experience to help other stroke survivors with the symptoms, difficulties, and life challenges they are faced with after their recovery. 

Not content to simply rest on her inspirational story for motivation, she has actively engaged in volunteerism with the American Stroke Association, in Houston.  Beth currently resides in one of Easter Seals Central Texas’ HUD condominiums, with her nine-year-old son.  Beth performs all the duties required of a single mother, and loves exploring Austin with her son.

Bruce - Adult Ambassador
Bruce - ESCT Adult Ambassador

Recipient of the 2013 Artie Lee Hinds award by TIBH Industries, Bruce is currently a landscaper employed by Easter Seals Central Texas’ Paid Job Training.  Motivated by the philosophy, in his words, “tell yourself it’s going to be a good day, and normally it is a good day,” Bruce – also known to co-workers as “Bubba” and “Big Dog,” is not only a hard worker, but a positive and friendly force on those with whom he works and interacts. 

Truly an embodiment of Easter Seals Central Texas’ mission to promote independence, Bruce has learned to be totally responsible for his own personal, financial, and medical needs.  If a job needs to get done, and to get done on time, people trust Bruce to get it taken care of.  And, when payday comes around, Bruce’s first stop after receiving his paycheck is Whataburger, where he treats his Dad to a meal.  A fitting reward, as perhaps no one has been more supportive of Bruce’s work with Easter Seals Central Texas than his mother and father.
It would be safe to say that Bruce not only makes the surrounding landscape more beautiful, but also brings a special beauty to the lives of those whom he touches on a daily basis.

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