Assistive Technology/Double-Click

Assistive technology is a great equalizer! With the use of assistive technology people with disabilities are able to communicate, travel, participate in school, work, play, maintain and enhance general health and well being and overall enjoy life. With funding support from the University of Texas at Austin Texas Technology Access Program, Easter Seals Central Texas - Community and Housing Services Department brings people and assistive technology together.

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology (AT) is any item or piece of equipment that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the abilities of people with disabilities.  Some examples of AT are grab bars, wheelchairs, and magnifiers.  Assistive technology provides the tools that enable many people with disabilities to have control over their own lives, to become included in the community, to enjoy the benefits of life, to have access to living, learning, working, and playing, and to have the same choices that are readily available to people without disabilities.

The Texas Technology Access Program at the Center of Disability Studies, University of Texas at Austin, is designed to meet the needs of persons not served by an existing agency loan program.  It allows persons with disabilities, their families, educators, service providers and employers in Texas to borrow AT Devices Free for up to six weeks, with opportunities to extend the time if the device has not been requested by another borrower.

  • Bridging Apps - ESCT has partnered with Easter Seals Greater Houston's "Bridging Apps" project that promotes the use of iPad/Android mobile devices to enhance the life of a person with a disability.  Trainings are conducted around the state.
  • Double-Click Project - Increases independence for people with disabilities through the purchase of refurbished computers at a low cost.
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