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Staff Spotlight - Natalie Soto

Natalie mainNatalie is from Salinas, California the “salad bowl of the world,” which she found dull as a child and desired a lifestyle which guaranteed significance.  Her dreams involved moving to Los Angeles and become a successful career woman, however her path to success was paved slowly. She felt as though she was moving in excruciatingly slow motion, but eventually she completed her Bachelor of Science degree in occupational therapy at San Jose State University. After completing her degree, she worked for a variety of companies providing home-based services for individuals diagnosed with autism. In this work she ultimately fell in love with applied behavior analysis (ABA) and was persuaded by her mentor to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Fun facts about Natalie, she loves ice cream!  She also enjoys visiting different cities and finding local ice cream shops with unique flavors.  So far, La La’s Creamery in Petaluma, California is her ultimate favorite spot.  Natalie describes her happy places to be in Bodega Bay and Cayucas, California because they remind her of summers spent at the beach eating salty sandwiches, drinking icy cold Cokes, and running back and forth across the pier on Seal Beach as a child.  

Natalie has been employed with us since March 2018 as a Program Supervisor in the Autism Behavior Services Intervention Department.  She recently completed her Master of Education in Applied Behavior Analysis at Arizona State University.  Natalie is currently working toward completing her 1500 hours to sit for the BCBA exam in 2019. 

The Behavior Technicians Natalie supervises describe her to be: hands on, supportive, passionate, empathetic, a team player and great teacher, and willing to share areas she has made mistakes in.  Natalie’s supervisor tops it off with consistency in program implementation. 

The clients Natalie serves inspire and motivate her.  There is no greater reward for Natalie than to see clients reach developmental milestones and master goals.  Now with her new role as a Program Supervisor, she enjoys teaching Behavior Technicians how to implement ABA principles and watch them become excited when clients learn new skills.  

“Natalie has been a huge asset to our success in Aptos.  She is willing to go the extra mile when needed and does so with an awesome attitude.  With her detailed clinical skills and providing program supervision to our clients and staff, she makes for an all-around valued and appreciated member of our team!” – Alex Barber, Clinical Manager and Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA)

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