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Pharmacy Partnership to Better Serve Individuals

Living with Behavioral Health Challenges

Raleigh, NC, January 26, 2021

Easterseals UCP and Janus Rx/Pharmacy Innovations have formed an exciting new partnership to better meet the needs of the individuals we support. Janus RX is a closed-door pharmacy that provides a dedicated, full spectrum of pharmacy services.

Janus RX PharmacyJanus Rx/Pharmacy Innovations provides an integrated approach to support our Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams, behavioral health clinics and enhanced behavioral health programs. They specialize in providing pharmacy support for individuals living with behavioral health challenges or developmental disabilities and are a full functioning pharmacy that fills prescriptions for all health conditions. These embedded services began earlier this month and will gradually increase their presence with our behavioral health programs through April, with Janus Rx opening co-located pharmacies at our Raleigh office and our Statesville office on April 1st.

With North Carolina planning for Medicaid Managed Care transformation, we will are developing our tools to effectively provide whole-person care. As a dedicated behavioral health provider in this state, Easterseals UCP is making significant changes to enhance our care management practices to provide an integrated and comprehensive approach to caring for our clients.

Troy McLean, Sr. Director of Practice Transformation said, “As we work through this transition, Easterseals UCP will continue to fully support patient choice in the selection of their pharmacy provider. We are excited about our new integrated pharmacy approach and partnership as we improve care coordination and improve life outcomes for the individuals we support. We are also looking forward to working with the individuals we serve as we improve whole-person care.”

This partnership with Janus RX/Pharmacy Innovations will seamlessly integrate pharmacists into our teams. These pharmacists will attend monthly ACT medical team meetings and they can make medication changes from outside providers as well as work with our electronic health record system. Additional services include: helping with patient assistance, patient education and adherence strategies, packaging and concerns, medication delivery, prior authorization assistance, hospital medication coordination, after-hours refill management, client reminder calls and data reports.

Integrated pharmacy support has demonstrated the ability to dramatically improve patient medication adherence, reduce hospitalizations and reduce emergency department utilization (Integrated Pharmacy Outcomes). As a result of this partnership, Easterseals UCP is striving to achieve improved outcomes for the individuals we support. For more information, please contact Troy McLean at Troy.mclean@eastersealsucp.com or 919-604-7898.

Easterseals UCP offers assistance to people living with disabilities and behavioral health challenges in-home and in the community can live, learn, work and play in their communities.

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