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National Caregivers Day

Easterseals UCP Honors Caregivers Who Provide Support and Care

Easterseals UCP NC & VA, February 17, 2017

While caregivers vary in age, location, and responsibilities, they all share one common goal—to help others who can’t help themselves.  Easterseals UCP honors health care professionals and family members today, National Caregivers Day, which is observed the third Friday of February annually. Here are a few of our Caregiver Heroes:


Christina O’Quinn of Sanford, NC works full time at the Easterseals UCP Lee County Group Home.  She cares for and teaches adult residents how to become more independent daily.  In her personal life, she has 3 boys, one with Cornelia De Lange Syndrome, which requires constant care.  Staff at the group home, call her amazing with her ability to be to help residents while juggling a challenging personal situation. 


Winifred Williams of Wilmington, NC is a superstar.  Operation Family Caregiver, an Easterseals UCP supported program in NC, provides coaching and training to help Winifred as she cares for her husband, CJ.  Her husband suffers from dementia and needs care around the clock.  With the help of a voyeur lift, she is able to move CJ from the bed to the recliner.  Fortunately, Winifred has  aid of a home health aid during the weekdays.  Winifred gives all of herself and her time to ensure her husband’s safe and loved.


Melody Slusher of Cuba, Missouri receives coaching from the Easterseals UCP Operation Family Caregiver program.  Her state doesn’t have a program and she is grateful for the assistance.  Melody’s husband, Chris, was injured multiple times while in Iran and lost many people he worked alongside.  He suffers from a TBI and PTSD.  Melody works a full time job, cares for her husband, and is involved in helping veterans through PsychArmor’s Caregiver Committee and Hidden Heroes Hearts. 

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Easterseals UCP is a non-profit organization serving the special needs communities in North Carolina and Virginia.  Our mission is to create opportunities, promote individual choice, and change the lives of children and adults with disabilities by maximizing their individual potential to live, learn, work and play in their communities.


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