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Inspiration from Dareon

Easterseals UCP Craven Cherry Point Child Development Center Adapts Skills for Young Boy

New Bern, North Carolina, March 7, 2018

For five years, little Dareon has been learning and growing in ways no one thought was possible. The staff at the Easterseals UCP Craven Cherry Point Child Development Center in Havelock, North Carolina never gave up.  Neither did Dareon.

dareonDareon has Skeletal Dysplasia, meaning he was born without his radius and ulnar bones in both arms, has a short femur in his left leg, and no femur in his right leg.  Basically, he doesn’t have hands and feet.  Nothing has stopped little Dareon from moving physically and mentally, according to Barbara Krcmar, Director of the Craven Cherry Point Child Development Center.

Through four years of occupational therapy, Dareon has learned daily living skills including eating, dressing himself and important every day functions. Over the years, staff developed creative ways to help little Dareon learn tasks.For example, they made a cuff with a hole in it and placed it on Dareon’s arm so he can put a spoon or fork in the hole providing him with independent eating skills.

This year, Dareon is the Glow Run Ambassador.He’s excited to be part of an event that benefits the Craven Cherry Point Child Development Center and Easterseals UCP programs in the New Bern area. Participate, volunteer or donate at the Great Glow Run this Saturday, March 10. More information about the Great Glow Run.

“He’s a kid that embodies the ‘can do’ spirit and he’s motivated,” says Krcmar.This year, Dareon will graduate from pre-K.Krcmar says it’ll be sad to see Dareon go but thrilled to see his progress.When he grows up he wants to be a taxi driver just like his grandpa.Way to go Dareon!

Easterseals UCP works side-by-side with adults and children who are managing disabilities and mental health challenges. We serve as a nurse, a therapist, a social worker, a job counselor, a teacher, a psychologist, a caregiver and a compassionate friend all rolled into one. Our purpose is to help neighbors in need achieve better days and live their best possible life.

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