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House Tax Reform Bill Hurts Nonprofits

Call Representative George Holding Today

November 7, 2017

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Kathy Edgerton

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Time is of the essence as the just-introduced House tax reform bill is moving quickly through the House.  The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (H.R. 1) is being worked on this week by the House Tax Committee Representative George Holding (R-NC) is a member of that committee. You can reach Representative Holding's office at 202-225-3032.

Today is the last day for nonprofits to voice their concerns about the tax reform bill. 

Easterseals UCP urges you to call Representative Holding TODAY and tell him not to undermine the work of charitable nonprofits through tax reform.

Again, call Representative Holding's office TODAY at 202-225-3032.

Please deliver this simple message:  

"The House tax bill would be harmful to charitable nonprofits. It is important that the House do two things to help fix it: 1) strike the Johnson Amendment language at Section 5201 from the bill, and 2) add a universal deduction for charitable contributions to give a tax incentive to all Americans to give back to their communities. Thank you!"


Here's a nonprofit summary and a detailed article on what's in the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (H.R. 1), but the two big-ticket issues we are asking you to call about are these:

  • Remove the Johnson Amendment language (Section 5201) from the House tax bill. Section 5201 of the House tax bill would weaken the law that protects 501(c)(3) organizations from demands by candidates for public office and their donors for endorsements and campaign contributions. The law is called the "Johnson Amendment" and has been protecting nonprofits since 1954. Under the bill, churches would be allowed to endorse candidates, which will likely result in massive political spending, expansion of corruption in the 501(c)(3) space, exploitation of "sanctuaries" for political gain, the undermining of public trust, and much more. 
  • Add a universal, non-itemizer deduction for charitable giving to the House tax bill to enable all Americans to get a tax benefit from giving back to the work of nonprofits in their communities. The House tax bill would nearly double the standard deduction. As a result, only about 5% of taxpayers (down from 30% now) would itemize their charitable deductions, which would mean that nonprofits would receive up to $13 billion less in charitable contributions every year. Ninety-five percent of taxpayers would receive no tax benefit for giving back to their communities. A solution is to allow all taxpayers, including those who take the standard deduction, to take an extra deduction for their charitable donations.

Do you have an extra minute or two minutes to send a Tweet? Send this tweet to Representative Holding: 

.@RepHolding 2 things on #TaxReform: Protect #nonprofits: strike Sec5201 on #JohnsonAmendment. Add Universal Deduction for All American taxpayers! 

Thank you for taking the time and supporting nonprofits like Easterseals UCP.

More information about House Tax Reform Bill from North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

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