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Back to School

Helpful tips to prepare your child for a successful year

North Carolina and Virginia, August 25, 2016


At Easterseals UCP, we know that transitioning from summer to school can be a challenging time.  We have prepared some helpful tips to make entering school or back to season easier.


  • Prepare: Talk to your child about the school in advance.  Discuss what they might expect including their teachers, friends, activities and rest time.
  • Visit: Take the child to visit the center and meet the teachers.  Ask if your child's school is having an open house to make sure they attend.
  • Practice: Make practice runs to the school to help get your child accustomed to the new schedule and familiar with the school itself.
  • Change Routine: Reduce electronics at the end of the summer.
  • Transition: Sending a home to school transitional object such as a favorite toy, blanket or book is often helpful to ease anxiety.
  • Photos: Consider sending a picutre of yourself or your family that your child can keep close by.
  • Info: Be sure that the school has current and accurate contact information and emergency information.
  • Practice: Plan and possibly "practice" the new morning and afternoon routines before school starts.
  • Schedule: Prepare a written or visual schedule for children with autism and other developmental delays.
  • Sensory Tools: Make sure your child has sensory needs, reinforcers, and a method of communication.
  • Stay positive!

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