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Melanie Receives a Family at Easterseals UCP

Individual and Community Services Staff Welcomes Melanie

Charlotte, NC, March 22, 2019

Melanie, who is 32-years-old, and lives with Moderate Intellectual Disability, truly found a new home with Easterseals UCP.  In 2007, Melanie began receiving services through the Easterseals UCP program, Individual and Community Services, which helps individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities receive one-to-one services uniquely tailored to their needs to maintain daily living skills.

ICSMelanie was faced with tragedy when her only living parent passed away.  She had nowhere to go.  The Easterseals UCP paraprofessional who worked closely with Melanie decided to take her into her home.  Now, Melanie is literally part of their family, calling her caregiver “Mom” now.

"Melanie came in thinking that I was helping her when she has helped me just as much. I thought I was going to be alone and she showed up when my life was changing. Without her I'd be so lonely. Easterseals UCP has been so supportive in all of our needs."  said Felicia Haywood, Easterseals UCP staff and “New” mother to Melanie. 

With the help of services and a loving family, Melanie has matured in behavior and skills.  Her goals include working on money management, getting her driver’s license, and patience.  One of the Melanie’s big accomplishments is getting and maintaining a job. She works at the Olive Garden in Charlotte where she assists servers, preps breadsticks and organizes silverware. 

"Being a part of Melanie's progress in the last year has been so fulfilling. I have been with her through some trying times and seeing her work through it with my support has been something that I will never forget. Melanie is such a lovely young woman who is full of life and I hope for nothing but the best for her," said Isis Lima, Easterseals UCP Individual and Community Services Program Supervisor. 

Melanie is grateful and is in a happy place thanks to Easterseals UCP Individual and Community Services.  She said, “My family makes me feel like an adult not a little girl. In the future, I would like to be more independent as I want to help others and get out more often. I am very happy being part of this family and seeing staff." 

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