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Kendalz Saves A Life

A Man Served by Easterseals UCP Employment Services Makes the Right Call

Charlotte, NC, December 30, 2019

While on the job at a Charlotte area Walmart, 28-year-old Kendalz saw something out of the ordinary. Kendalz noticed an elderly man who had just left Walmart struggling at his car in the parking lot. When Kendalz went to assist, the man collapsed in Kendalz’s arms. Grabbing his walkie talkie, Kendalz contacted his supervisor and told him to call 911. Meanwhile Kendalz stayed with the man until rescue services arrived and the man was taken to the hospital.

No doubt he saved the life of a man having a heart attack.  Walmart management recognized Kendalz and presented him with the Employee of the Month Award and gave him a special luncheon.

Man with walmart carts outsideThe Easterseals UCP Employment Services program supports Kendalz who is living with mild Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  BeLinda Bishop, the Community Resource Trainer and Employment Specialist has been working with Kendalz for two years.  She said, “He didn’t think what he did was extraordinary as he didn’t even tell me about the incident.  He’s amazing and the people at Walmart love him.”

BeLinda said, “We push the people we serve to do more than they think they can do.  We push boundaries.  In Kendalz case, he always goes above and beyond.”

Easterseals UCP serves people like Kendalz with important life skills, job training and communication to help them reach their potential.  Learn about the Easterseals UCP Employment Services program

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