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John is Driving His Future in a New Direction

Individual and Community Services Assists with Independent Skills

Wilmington, NC, March 6, 2019

What a brilliant moment in John’s life to get his driver’s license and have the freedom to navigate the streets of Wilmington. John, who is 18-years-old and is living with autism, has reached many teenage milestones including getting his license, making friends and soon he will graduate from high school.


Since 2007, John has been receiving support from the Easterseals UCP program, Individual and Community Services. Throughout the week, experienced Easterseals UCP staff work with John on daily living skills including laundry, simple recipes, and cleaning. Also, socialization and experiences in the community such as understanding money and how to pay for meals and items, has become a big part of his afterschool goals. 

“John continues to make progress every day. He wants to learn, explore and be as independent as possible,” said Laura Bancroft, Easterseals UCP Direct Support Professional.

Individual & Community Services strives to help individuals living with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities to live their best possible life, providing support to the individual as well as their caregivers, guardians and families.

Through support, John has increased his social and daily living skills. As high school graduation is months away, John is learning how to apply for jobs by working on a resume, using email, proper social skills in the workplace, and money management. John has incredible skills with technology, loves sports, and is connected to his community in Wilmington.

Laura said, “John is my buddy and it feels good to be part of his life as he transitions from being a teen to an adult.It’s rewarding to see the progress he has made already.”

Easterseals UCP provides meaningful and exceptional services so that children and adults living with disabilities and mental health challenges can live, learn, work and play in their communities.

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