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Front Line Heroes Honored for Work in Behavioral Health Employment Services

Congratulations to Our Front Line Heroes

Greenville, NC, February 3, 2021

Easterseals UCP is the proud recipient of the 2020 Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Employment Specialist of the Year in behavioral health. Typically, only one person is awarded this honor by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS). However, two of our IPS front line heroes equally exhibited excellent work in the behavioral health field. Terry Shiver of the Wilmington IPS office and Damion Gibson of the Greenville IPS office were honored to receive the award.

Terry ShriverTerry Shiver was recognized for his 20 years of expertise in helping people living with behavioral health challenges. In his view, the zero exclusion approach to employment services allows him to meet each person ‘where they are’. Christina Mount, IPS Program Supervisor in Wilmington, says, “Terry believes that employment is an important part of the recovery process. His position allows him to work with both employment goals and mental health concerns. He tells us he has a front-row seat watching people bloom and helps them to celebrate their progress.”

Throughout COVID-19, Terry continues to engage face-to-face with the people he serves and in the community. Safety is his number one priority for himself as well as his clients.  He continues to monitor safety protocols while helping people reach their employment goals.

Damion GibsonDamion Gibson whose nickname is “D”, is a dedicated job coach. He builds employer relationships in the community, helps people we serve create resumes, practice interview techniques, and advocates for them. Ashley Kuhn, Greenville IPS Team Lead, has worked with “D” for six years. Together “D” and Ashley also received the highest-fidelity score from the NCDHHS among IPS teams at Easterseals UCP. She said, “D works relentlessly to overcome every hurdle or barrier that an individual has. He makes sure to speak up, to advocate for the individuals on his caseload, and encourages every one of them to think outside of the box and to especially not limit themselves.”  Easterseals UCP Employment Peer Mentor Frederica Smith is also thrilled that her nomination for “D” was recognized statewide.  She said, “Damion was the perfect choice as he never gives up or throws in the towel. He truly has the heart to help others and see the best in them.”

Congratulations to Terry and Damion for being award-winning members of the Easterseals UCP IPS teams. Learn more about the Easterseals UCP Individual Placement and Support program.

Easterseals UCP offers assistance to people living with disabilities and behavioral health challenges in-home and in the community can live, learn, work and play in their communities.

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