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Easterseals UCP Supports Entire Families

The Wraparound Program Helps Youth with Behavioral Challenges

Goldsboro, NC, October 7, 2019

There’s a small, powerful team of Easterseals UCP therapists in the eastern North Carolina program called Wraparound.  This team works with children and teens with significant behavioral challenges and their families.  Their focus is on the behavior, not the diagnosis. 

Mike McGrath, National Certified Wraparound Coach and Mentor at Easterseals UCP, says, “Wraparound is a process, not a treatment and it involves the entire family.  We support them by helping them create consistency so that the child can succeed at home, school and in the community.” 

wraparound programZach, who is 14 years old, was having constant arguments at home and school, got suspended for fighting, and was hospitalized to address his aggression.  When Easterseals UCP therapists stepped in, they helped Zach’s parents create a family plan that needed to be followed in order to be successful.

Zach’s mother, Brenda, wrote a letter to the Wraparound Program thanking the three therapists who work with her son.  The letter said, “These three truly show that the Wrap team is a team to have for they have a heart of gold who proves the team works hard to help the child and family they work with.  I am very thankful to God for sending this amazing Wrap team to us.”

After months of hard work, Zach now has a relationship with his parents, has improved his grades at school and has set some business goals to work and save money.  Jamal Bailey, Wraparound Facilitator, continues to work with Zach on goals including study skills, getting a job, being respectful and doing chores.  Zach is considering saving up for a lawn mower to start a small lawn cutting business.

Jamal said, “Zach has made great progress.  We worked with Zach and his family and gave them a push and reminder to stick to their plan and it’s working.”

The Wraparound Program is open to youth ages 6-20 covered by Medicaid and living in Wayne and Sampson counties or a 30-mile radius from the Easterseals UCP Goldsboro office. More information about Wraparound Program

Easterseals provides meaningful and exceptional services so that children and adults living with disabilities and mental health challenges can live, learn, work and play in their communities.

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