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Celebrating World Cerebral Palsy Day

Adaptive Stroller Gives Luke Much More Mobility

Raleigh, NC, October 6, 2019

Cerebral Palsy (CP) impacts 17 million people throughout the world.  The complex disability affects people living with CP in various ways. These may include physical disabilities, challenges in speaking and movement, intellectual disabilities and seizures.

On Sunday, October 6th, we celebrate World Cerebral Palsy Day by wearing green, spreading public awareness, and honoring the achievements of people living with CP. 

CPLittle five-year-old Luke of Boone, North Carolina was born prematurely and diagnosed with CP.  He needs assistance with sitting, standing, walking, and communicating.  Luke loves the outdoors but quickly outgrew his toddler stroller.  His family’s insurance didn’t cover a much-needed adaptive stroller for everyday transportation and for recreational hikes and outings Luke loves.

Through a grant managed by Easterseals UCP, Luke’s family got their wish – a new specialized stroller.  Luke’s mother, Saskia van de Gevel, is grateful for the support of Easterseals UCP. She said, “We live along the Blue Ridge Parkway and our family loves to be outdoors.  The stroller has made a big difference and allows Luke and our family to enjoy nature and hikes.”

Luke has a mobility assistance service dog named Claire who helps him open doors, turn on light switches, pick up objects and assist him during therapy sessions. Claire is often with Luke walking alongside his new, adaptive stroller.

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