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A Mother on a Mission

Honoring Special Women on Mother’s Day

Raleigh, NC, May 10, 2019

LaMarr Long is one of those women who just doesn’t take “no” for an answer when it comes to her special needs son.  Noah was born blind and lives with Cerebral Palsy.  LaMarr had challenges from the beginning but she didn’t let anything stop her from helping her son get the services he needed. She advocates for Noah so he can be his best.

More than a decade ago, Noah received Easterseals UCP respite, personal care and community-based services to help him and his family with important skills. Noah has the support of a loving family including grandparents and extended family members.

noahNow Noah is 27 years old and receives Easterseals UCP Supported Employment services to help him with work-related skills.  He works as a receptionist at Easterseals UCP answering phones and using his braille tablet to assist him on the job.  “Noah has a great attitude and big personality that helps him do his job and connect with people,” said Tawanda Battle, Easterseals UCP Supported Employment Supervisor.  She said, “He is eager to learn new things, he’s vocal and can advocate for himself including new software for his tablet and other needs he has.” 

Behind his success is not just the support from dedicated Easterseals UCP staff, but his own mother.  LaMarr’s goal from day one was to make sure he could achieve independence.  Her advocacy has definitely paid off as Noah is on his way to independent living. Next month, Noah moves into his own apartment with little support and will continue to hold a part time job at Easterseals UCP. 

Easterseals UCP salutes LaMarr and mothers like her who have made a difference in the lives of children with disabilities and mental health challenges.  Happy Mother’s Day! 

Easterseals UCP provides meaningful and exceptional services so that children and adults living with disabilities and mental health challenges can live, learn, work and play in their communities.


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