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A Decade of Easterseals UCP Support Has Made a Difference

Roger Continues to Make Gains

Charlotte, NC, March 14, 2019

As Easterseals celebrates 100 years of service to people with disabilities and mental health challenges, we are looking back on the lives that have been improved. Roger Miller, who is 27-years-old and is living with mild Intellectual Functioning, is a perfect example of how support from Individual and Community Support services at Easterseals UCP in Charlotte has made a difference in his life. 

ICSBelinda Bishop, Community Resource Trainer with Easterseals UCP, began working with Roger after he graduated high school ten years ago. They worked on employment and social skills to help him land his first job as a dishwasher at the Steak & Shake restaurant. After working there for five years with support from Belinda and her team, he transitioned to Publix.

At Publix, Roger learned to stock shelves and moved to bagging groceries.In 2016, he became the first recipient of the Publix Associate of the Month Award at the Publix on South Boulevard in Charlotte.Three years later, Roger is a full time employee at the same Publix but working now as a cashier and bagger.

Belinda said, “It took a lot of encouragement to help build up Roger’s confidence and convince him he could try new things.”  Belinda and Roger worked on cashier and social skills to make him successful at this position. She hopes to see Roger pursue more independence by moving from his family’s home to an apartment with friends as she believes he is ready for that, along with getting his driver’s license 

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