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Luanne Welch

Easterseals UCP North Carolina & Virginia CEO and President

On my first day of first grade in rural North Carolina, my first 2 friends had disabilities.  So it is no surprise years later that disability services are my passion, my life's work. 

Throughout my Easterseals UCP career, I have met (and fallen in love with) thousands of clients and family members.  I have been truly blessed to meet many of our children, students, seniors, and the family members who love them - up close and personal.

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Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and siblings count on Easterseals UCP every day.  We become allies, confidantes and team mates.  We hear about the victories, frustrations, and challenges.  We understand that a ‘disability’ does not happen to one person, it happens to the entire family unit. 

Our core values – integrity, innovation, respect and responsibility - drive every decision we make as an organization and as employees.  And we do what we do because of what we believe:

We believe children and adults with disabilities and mental health challenges can be contributing & engaged members of their families & communities.  ...That’s why we provide therapy, education, personal care, social & life skills training, respite, caregiver support, camping, employment & residential programs.

We believe the first 5 years in a child’s life are critical. If developmental delays are identified & intervention provided early, children can be ready for kindergarten & beyond.   ...That’s why we have early intervention services & child development centers staffed with trained teachers & therapists.

We believe children with emotional & behavior challenges can, even after trauma, become healthy & learn & grow in a nurturing supportive environment.  …That’s why we have trained therapeutic foster parents, intensive family counseling & crisis support.

We believe adults struggling with life-long mental illness can manage their recovery in the community with the right support. ...That’s why we have doctors, nurses, therapists & specialists who provide assessment, treatment, medication management, social & life skills training & mobile crisis management.

We believe with the right placement & support, people with disabilities can work in meaningful jobs, earn paychecks & contribute to their community.  ...That’s why we provide job coaching, training & job placement.

We believe Front Line employees who feel valued and supported in meaningful ways can & do create powerful mission outcomes. ...That's why we encourage employees to use their voices.

If you are looking for help, hope and answers, we’ll do all we can to support you on your journey.

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Luanne Welch

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CEO Luanne Welch is connecting with the Front Line through NC & VA.  The Connect 2020 tour is powerful and fun as employees engage with one another across program and service lines.

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