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A Salute to Our Front Line Heroes

Every day the Easterseals UCP staff remain dedicated to the people we serve living with disabilities and mental health challenges.  Through Hurricane Florence, COVID-19, and daily crisis, our employees never stop serving.

woman and man in office with masks onDisability Employment Awareness Month

Brittany is committed to helping Noah maintain his skills on the job as an Easterseals UCP Administrative Assistant.  During October, we continued to share successes of our Employment Services Program staff and the people we serve living with disabilities and mental health challenges. 

group homeSafe Exercising at Greensboro Group Home

Augustina, a paraprofessional at the Greensboro Group Home, is keeping residents active with group exercise.  The men and women living with mental health challenges and disabilities enjoy the movement and entertainment.  Check out the video!

group homeGroup Home Staff Keeps Residents Safe & Happy

Tydonya is delivering smiles to Easterseals UCP group home residents. They're staying busy with fun activities like crafting! 

masksFront Line Employee Receives 5,000 Free Masks

Thanks to her love of gaming, Individual and Community Service Program Director Bonnie Adams reached out to Meta Threads apparel for a donation.  She ended up with 5,000 free masks to help the Front Line! Bonnie's Video.

OPTEasterseals UCP Outpatient Therapy Clinician Shares Her Transition

(May 2020) Delia Niles, OPT Clinician, was on top of transitioning to telehealth to continue to support her families. Check out her story.

ACTAssertive Community Treatment Teams Go Above & Beyond

(May 2020) The Front Line Assertive Community Treatment Teams in NC are supporting people living with severe and persistent mental health needs through safe and social distance methods. See the team video.

child first clinicianFront Line Embraces Telehealth

(May 2020) Front Line Mental Health Child First Clinician, Bethany Cobbs, shares her experience of transitioning to telehealth with the children she serves.  Watch her 1 minute video!

zoomTelehealth Delivering Smiles

(April 2020) The Easterseals UCP staff is transitioning from in-person therapies in many cases to virtual sessions.  Look at the fun our families and staff are having while managing therapies in this video!

bossNational Boss's Day

(October 16, 2019) The Easterseals UCP staff is grateful for leaders who care about the employees and the people we serve so that they can live, learn, work and play in our communities. Check out our Boss's Day Video!

hurricaneOne Year Anniversary of Hurricane Florence

(September 14, 2019) On the one year anniversary of hurricane Florence, we remember our Front Line Heroes and how they managed incredibly tough circumstances with courage and resilience as well as those still struggling to re-build.

dorianHurricane Dorian Threatens Eastern NC

(September 5, 2019) Easterseals UCP clinicians across eastern NC provided behavioral health support at four local shelters supporting evacuees from Hurricane Dorian. Our team visited with Governor Roy Cooper as he monitored the storm and urged residents to seek shelter. 

hurricaneFoster Care Staff to the Rescue

(October 22, 2019) When Hurricane Florence struck, some foster children lost everything thing they had.  The Easterseals UCP Foster Care staff in New Bern worked diligently to provide children and families with supplies and the resources they needed.

hurricane florenceWilmington Team Remains Strong

(October 11, 2018) Wilmington community stepped in and provided supplies in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence to Easterseals UCP staff, who continued to support people living with disabilities and mental health challenges.

hurricane FlorenceEasterseals UCP Therapies and School Must Go On

(October 9, 2018) Easterseals UCP staff and volunteers converted a storefront into a unique and private temporary home for the Wilmington Child Development Center.

hurricaneEMPOWER Staff Offers Routine and Respite

(October 4, 2018) With schools closed and a region recovering from a federal disaster, the team at the Easterseals UCP EMPOWER Wilmington office knew children and families needed to return to their routines.  The staff worked countless hours and opened their doors.

hurricane florenceWilmington Special Ed Teacher Provides Resources

(October 3, 2018) In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, Tammy, a special education teacher in Wilmington, stepped in and helped feed, provide resources and listen to the people impacted by tragedy.

hurricane florenceCoastal North Carolina Communities Come Together

(September 23, 2018) In the wake of Hurricane Florence, small communities came together. Thanks to the donation of food by Carry Out by Chrislyn, a foodery in Washington, NC, more than 3,000 meals were delivered with the help of Easterseals UCP volunteers.

hurricaneEasterseals UCP Staff are Always Serving

(September 22, 2018) The devastating damage from Hurricane Florence has not stopped Easterseals UCP employees from serving adults and children living with special needs and mental health challenges. 

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