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Medical Rehabilitation

Whether through a birth condition, injury, illness or other limitations associated with disabilities, medical rehabilitation services are the first step toward helping children and adults gain greater independence and mobility. At Easter Seals UCP North Carolina & Virginia, our medical rehabilitation includes occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language pathology, early intervention and other services that help people learn the skills they need to live, learn, work and play in their communities.

Therapy Services for Children

Easter Seals UCP provides inclusive medical rehabilitation for young children within our Early Childhood Services

Early Child Outreach Services
Early Intervention: Easter Seals UCP North Carolina & Virginia provides early intervention services in home and community settings for infants and toddlers who have disabilities or developmental delays at the time in their lives when they are most ready to learn and can most benefit from intervention.

Children’s Centers
Within Children’s Centers, children with special need receive Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy, as well as assistive technology support. We integrate pediatric therapies right into everyday classroom and play activities. And our therapists work side by side and consult with teachers so that therapeutic goals are addressed throughout the day in appropriate play-based activities.

Occupational Therapy helps young children with disabilities improve their fine motor and adaptive skills. Therapy focuses on helping children achieve feeding and self-care, pre-writing skills and visual motor coordination.

Physical Therapy helps children build their strength and coordination of large muscles (gross motor). Therapists use exercise, assistive devices, special techniques and every-day playground and play equipment to help children.

Speech Therapy focuses first on helping children understand the language around them and then later to express themselves with gestures, words, and then phrases.

Assistive Technology, adaptive toys and equipment help young children with disabilities to overcome barriers to learning and playing, and fully participate in hands-on experiences with their peers. Our therapists and teachers using a range of assistive devices, equipment and adapted toys to help young children.

Therapy Services for Adults

Residential Services
Our residential supports provide services for individuals so they can live in group homes, shared apartments or indepently in their community.  Typical supports include personal assistance and specialized services to assist individuals accomplishing their personal goals.
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