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Wraparound Program

wraparoundWraparound is a community based program working with kids and families in their home and community. A team of three Wraparound Staff team up with family members and family supports to develop a “Family Plan.”  The plan addresses the needs and challenges that the family and youth identify as being their top priority. Based on their needs and schedules, the team meets with family weekly and sometimes multiple times per week.  

Wraparound is an evidence-based model of support with the ultimate outcome of youth continuing to live at home, attending school or work, and remaining stable. The process helps families learn how to meet their family needs and use family supports to handle the challenges that the youth and family struggle with. Wraparound does not “fix kids” or make crisis/ challenges go away.  Wraparound helps families learn how to handle their challenges, overcome difficulties, and achieve their vision for a stable family life. 

Wraparound Services are available to youth/family in Wayne and Sampson counties or live within a 30-mile radius of the Easterseals UCP Goldsboro office.

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