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School Based Services

Our team of clinicians and intake staff work with school personnel in Wake, Durham, and Johnston counties to identify and support youth who are in need of additional behavioral health services in the school setting.   Our school-based team receives referrals from the school, and then our clinicians work with the youth, their families, and school personnel to provide behavioral health support.

Schools allow for mental health counseling with our clinicians at school and during school hours, which helps decrease previous barriers in reaching some of the youth in the school system who may have otherwise had difficulties receiving services.  The clinicians also seek to involve parents and school personnel throughout the treatment process, which can help teachers and parents learn and utilize interventions to help the youth meet their treatment goals.

Easterseals UCP has a long-standing history of working with children, adults and families with behavioral health challenges and intellectual & developmental needs. We believe in helping children and families work through their challenges and barriers to accomplish their individual and family goals. We believe in meeting the child and family where they are at in order to help with decreasing the barriers to treatment; whether that be in home assessments and visits for treatment, community based assessments and treatment or wrap around services to assist with additional barriers. We believe in the whole person approach to healthcare.

We believe in supporting our clinicians through trainings in evidenced based practices such as TFCBT, ESFT, MST, Triple P and MATCH as detailed below:

Recovery and resiliency are core concepts of all of the services provided, and all Evidence-Based and Best Practice Guidelines provided by Easterseals UCP. Each service provided is guided by an Individualized treatment plan that outlines the client’s strengths, supports, challenges, and goals for Recovery. All programs offer some level of wrap-around support and case management to encourage resiliency. All child services incorporate Family-based models to include caregivers in the treatment process.

Our agency will work as a collaborative team to offer assessments within the school system with a rapid turn-around time. Our commitment is to assure clear, effective, and timely assistance and support to our clients and our community. Once the team within the school has established a client in need and a referral has been made we will plan to have a 24-hour response time. After the initial assessment is completed our expectation is for referral to appropriate services within 72 hours for routine referrals and within 24 hours for urgent referrals. Assessors will make referrals to appropriate children service lines including, but not limited; Outpatient therapy, Outpatient Therapy Plus, Intensive In Home Services, Multi Systemic Therapy, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Day Treatment, Developmental Therapy, Therapeutic Foster Care, Intensive Alternative Family Therapy and Respite Services.

Many of our child mental health evidenced based practices are based within family systemic work and ensuring the collaboration of family members and environmental supports involvement in the treatment of the child. All of our staff are trained on person centered planning and incorporate personal outcome measures into all stages of treatment to ensure that treatment goals are family centered. The staff hold CFT’s monthly in all of our programs to ensure that all parties are present during planning, development and updates of that child’s treatment. The treating clinician collaborate with all parties involved in the treatment and care of that child are asked to attend these monthly meetings including school staff, other family members, and other agencies that are involved with that child’s treatment planning and goals. Our staff within enhanced services and individual therapy ensure that they are present for any additional school meetings such as IEP’s, BIP’s or additional CFT’s that the school may want to have our agency engage in for the benefit of the child. Our clinicians in school based maintain constant contact with teachers of the students and checks in’s on a weekly basis to identify any changes in behavior or symptomology that may have occurred.

Locations: Wake, Durham, and Johnston County

To make a referral, contact our Intake team at 919-865-8802 or email Marcie.Boyes@eastersealsucp.com

School Based Team Lead: Blair Berhow-Goll, MSW, LCSWA, Blair.berhowgoll@eastersealsucp.com, 919-698-7832

OPT Supervisor: Rolando Rodriguez, LCMHC, Rolando.rodriguez@eastersealsucp.com, 919-302-9079

Program Manager: Elizabeth Gaylord, LCMHCS, LCAS, CCS Elizabeth.gaylord@eastersealsucp.com, 919-406-4135

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