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Joy for Jalea

Jalea Standing

Jalea was born with spina bifida which affects her gross motor skills.  This bright and loving little girl was just a baby when she began receiving support from Easterseals UCP.  Physical therapy and love from the team who believed in this little wonder was motivated to accomplish her goals.  

jaleaHer big goal had been to stand independently. For a long time, Jalea used a walker and crutches to move around. Thanks to the staff at Easterseals UCP, Jalea worked hard to learn new skills helping her become more mobile which allowed her to eventually stand and take first steps. Some of the big milestones for Jalea was learning to stand independently, learning to climb steps onto her bus, using only one crutch and mastering some self-help skills to care for herself.


Without Medicaid funding, none of this would have been possible.  Jalea's success brings hope to many others.

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