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Busy Beats is a preschool aged music group focusing on your child’s individual development. This group is designed for children ages 18 months to 4 1/2 years old and is led by a Music Therapist- Board Certified (MT-BC). The MT-BC utilizes developmental screenings to track your child’s social, cognitive, motor and language development. This group provides a developmentally appropriate learning experience for all areas of development as well as a fun, music enrichment environment.

BusyBeats 02Activities include dancing, sing a longs, playing instruments (everything from a large drum to whistles to guitar and more!), as well as lullaby bonding time with the child’s parent or caregiver. The group has structured activities with specific expectations as well as opportunities for children to explore their musical curiosities. Parents are also sent home with handouts for ideas on how to use specific songs and activities from the group in their home, so the fun doesn’t end when they leave the group! Parents are involved in the group sessions to encourage their children and participate in the activities, as well as be models for how to listen and have fun!

BusyBeats 01Sessions last at least 45 minutes in length and run for 10 week periods. Each group is no larger than 10 children, along with their parents, and a waiting list will be created if needed. The fun takes place at the Easterseals UCP Salem, Virginia office.

Busy Beats Telehealth Video

Summer Semester 2020 via telehealth (begins October 2)

Thursdays 9:30 -10:15 am
Additional group sessions will be added as needed

Full payment must be paid by the time of the first session. The cost for the 10 weeks is $100 for the first child and is $65 for a sibling. 

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March is the National Music in the Schools Month.  Music therapist, Hope Key of the Easterseals UCP Busy Beats Program, visited multiple classrooms to help bring music and education together.

For more information call Hope Key at 540-588-2866 or email hope.key@eastersealsucp.com

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