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Autism and ABA Services

Autism and ABA Services is one of our key services at Easterseals UCP because the prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) has continually increased since the 1960s and we are here to help individuals thrive.

ButtonAutism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong, developmental disability that affects one in 59 children in the United States and one in 57 in North Carolina. As a spectrum disorder, individuals living with autism have a wide range of abilities and can experience challenges throughout their lives, particularly with social interactions and communication. However, with the right support, our trained and experienced team believes that individuals living with autism are able to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

We’ve turned the model around – instead of focusing on struggles, we focus on awesomeness! – Dr. Shanun Kunnavatana, Easterseals UCP Vice President of Outcomes 

mic iconHear her powerful podcast conversations about Applied Behavior Analysis, Maximizing Independence and Challenging Behaviors 

The Easterseals UCP team focuses on an individual’s strengths (not challenges) to help reach their full potential at school, home, work and in the community. We welcome working one-on-one with individuals between 2 and 21 years old to build communication, independence and life-changing social interaction skills. We use an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) approach that combines scientific understandings of behavior with teaching foundational skills focused on strengths (not challenges).

Our team of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Behavior Technicians are trained to deliver comprehensive, evidence-based services designed with flexibility, compassion and cultural humility. 

We recognize that no two brains are wired the same or produce the same behaviors. When you work with us, we help create solutions that provide wellness and autonomy for your family throughout a lifetime of development from childhood to adulthood including:

  • Communicating and relating to others
  • Developing self-soothing skills
  • Learning visually from observing surroundings
  • Developing routines to complete tasks
  • Embracing unique understandings of the world
  • Reaching for the stars!

Our team strongly believes in their strengths-based culture that matches the needs of families and the talents of the team to promote the best outcomes.

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See the impact Easterseals UCP Autism and ABA Services has on Zion's life and his family

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