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Transition to Independent Living

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Operated by Easterseals UCP & Funded by Trillium Heath Resources

About the program:

What is Transition to Independent Living?

NavigationThe Transition to Independent Living house uses a phased approach to empower individuals living with disabilities as they move toward independent community living. Innovative smart home features allow on-site and remote coaching for individualized support.

What technology is used?photo of man working

magnifying glass icondot Door sensors   
dot Smart locks 
dot Smart light
dot Motion sensors 
spacedot Ring video doorbell
dot Cellular medication dispenser 
dot Oven sensors 
dot Smoke alarm sensor light 
dot Firefly Technology hub

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Technology provides remote monitoring & engagement opportunities that allow residents to be independent.

About the program: 

Will the participants have choice?

technologyYES! Part of developing independence is learning how to make decisions. Residents will have choice in their goals, their meal preparation, leisure activities, how they decorate, if they bring a pet, if they want to continue the program, etc.

What are the program phases?

PhasesPhase 1: Weekly Living- stays the night once per week

Phase 2: Part Time Living- stays 3 nights a week in the house

clear spacePhase 3: Full Time Living - stays every night in the house

Phase 4: 15% Rent - residents continue full-time living and pay 15% of their half of the rent/bills

spacePhase 5: 25% Rent - resident continues full-time living and pay 25% of their half of the rent/bills

Phase 6: Move Out - individual moves into their own house and becomes completely independent

In each phase, residents will spend each weekday evening working with their coaches on developing independent living skills. Overnight, staff will monitor residents through technology.

Why is this program beneficial?

spaceThe program is beneficial because it provides a stepping stone approach to independent living. It gives individuals and families the opportunity to utilize and learn how technology can help support independent living for their loved one. This program promotes self-advocacy and choice; encouraging individuals to be self-sufficient while giving them the tools to succeed.

For more information: man cooking
To be eligible for the program, the individual must be enrolled in the Transition to Employment with Easterseals UCP.

Sarah Grace Britton, Director
103 Loftin Lane
Ahoskie, NC 27910
Office: 252-513-8168
Fax: 252-513-8209

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