Transition Management Services

Transition Management Services are available to those individuals who are interested in living independently and want assistance in locating, applying for, moving into, and maintaining their own apartment.  The TMS team is made up of eight staff, of which five are Peer Mentors.  It is important to understand that the entire team will work with everyone receiving TMS and that the team must maintain contact with everyone at least one time a month.  The team is excited to work with and help individuals achieve their personal goals, increase and maintain independence, and develop social ties and supports within their communities.

Steps in the process:

  • All TMS recipients are referred to the TMS team with Easterseals UCP from a TCLI Coordinator from Alliance Behavioral Health Care if they are interested in living in either Wake or Cumberland counties.
  • The TMS team will make contact with the recipient to schedule a time to meet face to face and complete the intake process which includes signing consents and starting the Person Centered Plan process.
  • The TMS team will then coordinate with Alliance BHC and the assigned Transition Coordinator to locate potential apartment vacancies in the desired county.  TMS and Alliance BHC will coordinate to apply for potential apartments.
  • Once the recipient is approved for an apartment, The TMS team will assist with setting up utilities and with the lease signing.
  • Alliance BHC will provide financial assistance for deposits, furniture, moving expenses, and other household items with the TYSR (Transition Year Stabilization Resources).  Those funds are available until they are exhausted or for only one year after the recipient has move in.
  • The TMS team and Alliance BHC will then coordinate with the recipient and the landlord to schedule a time to move into the apartment.  TMS will provide transportation on the move in day, for both shopping for furniture and other household items.

Continuing Treatment and Services

The TMS team will continue to work with an individual as long as they want the service.  Some of the things that TMS can continue to support recipients with include:

  1. Assistance with budgeting can be provided.  This includes how to break down how much their rent and bills are each month and how to figure out what other expenses they have.
  2. TMS will assist individuals that are eligible to apply for Special Assistance In Home funding throughout the application process.  SA In Home can provide extra financial assistance for recipients to maintain their independence.
  3. It is important to stay safe while living independently.  TMS will assist individuals with developing plans to address maintaining good health and safety.
  4. Maintaining a residence can bring about new and unique problems.  The TMS team can help provide support and education in this area. 
  5. TMS can assist with transportation in some cases, such as emergency situations, grocery shopping that requires a car, doctor appointments that weren’t able to be scheduled ahead of time, appointments to meet with landlords or view properties.  TMS will work with individuals to become familiar and comfortable with transportation services such as TRACS, ART, public transportation, UBER or cabs when necessary with an eye towards increasing independence.  TMS is not a transportation service to be used when a recipient simply needs a ride.  If TMS is providing transportation to appointments, the team will need 3-4 days notice. 
  6. TMS will coordinate with recipient’s medical and mental health providers to assist individuals with following treatment and medication recommendations.
  7. TMS can provide referrals to employment services if a recipient wants those services. 
  8. TMS will work with recipients to find community involvement to the level that the individual desires including day programs, community meet ups, school or volunteer opportunities. 
  9. TMS will be available as a support for individuals in communicating with landlords and neighbors when the individual asks for support.
  10. The team can provide assistance with coordination of care with various providers as needed.
  11. TMS can assist with referral to additional services as needed or desired.

Wake and Cumberland County

To make a referral, please contact our Intake team at 919-865-8802 or email

TMS Team Lead: Meghan McDowell, BA, QP,, 984-272-9022

Program Manager: Elizabeth Gaylord (LCMHCS, LCAS, CCS), 919-4064145,

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