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Residential Services

Our residential supports provide services for individuals so they can live in group homes, shared apartments or independently in their community.  Typical supports include personal assistance and specialized services to assist individuals in accomplishing their personal goals for living, learning, working and playing in their homes and communities.

Residential Supports provide assistance with acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills related to activities of daily living necessary to enable the individual to reside in a non-institutional setting.  Habilitation, training and instruction are coupled with elements of support, supervision and engaging participation to reflect the natural flow of training, practice of skills, and other activities as they occur during the course of the person’s day.

Alternative Family Living provides a natural, home environment for adults with disabilities who are unable to live on their own, allowing families who have room in their homes and in their lives to provide a real home for an individual. It provides a family setting for adults with disabilities living in the community.

Alternative Family Living (AFL) is a service where children or adults with developmental disabilities live with a family that is not their own. The family member provides supportive services and promotes "family-style" supervision and monitoring of daily activities.

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