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Residential Services

Residential Services at Easterseals UCP offers a wide range of supervision and supports to adults living with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges so that individuals can live, work and play in their communities.

Adult residential options include:

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Group Homes

24-hour personalized and individualized care

These residential facilities offer 24-hour on-site support from our direct care professionals in a family-style setting. While many group homes require residents to share rooms, ALL Easterseals UCP adult group homes provide residents with their own rooms. Residents are safely integrated into the household and the larger community through participation in maintaining the home, organized activities, day programs and work opportunities to enrich socialization and developmental skills. Residents have the opportunity to participate in group activities on the weekend, such as going to the movie theater, restaurants, bowling or attending church. We provide all transportation, supervision and ensure that medical needs are met during outings.

We offer group homes for adults that are male only, female only and co-ed, with a maximum of six residents in any one home. To ensure that residents are matched with the right living environment, each applicant is invited to visit the home prior to placement to meet the other residents, see the home and to learn more about what it would be like to live there. This also gives current residents the opportunity to interview their prospective new housemate.

Our group home staff members are trained in managing residents’ needs 24/7, which may include the following:

  • Following medical plans from physicians
  • Managing and distributing medications
  • Correct use of accessibility/therapeutic devices
  • Providing transportation to and from appointments

We are proud that we have some residents who have been with us for over 30 years! Easterseals UCP offers a unique continuum of care that is adaptable to the changing needs of the people we serve. We create pathways for residents to build skills and independence in a group living environment that prepares them for individual living, if that is their goal. Depending on skills and goals, group home residents are sometimes able to move into their own apartments as quickly as within a few months.

Individual Apartments

Independent living, 24-hour support

Easterseals UCP operates numerous apartments for adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health challenges. All of our individual apartments are part of larger apartment buildings operated by Easterseals UCP, which allows residents to be a part of a larger community, while maintaining their independence. Most units are one-bedroom apartments; however, we do have some two-bedroom units that can be rented to roommates or families.

Rent is subsidized and based upon the income of each resident.

These units may be occupied by one to two people and are designed with accessibility and safety in mind. Apartments offer residents an independent lifestyle, while still providing them access to 24-hour support staff to assist with everyday tasks or in the event of a crisis, such as:

  • Access to transportation services
  • Participation in group activities
  • Assistance with medical and mental health treatment plans
  • Opportunities to practice socialization and developmental skills

We offer a selection of ADA-compliant apartments for those residents with mobility challenges. Features of these units may include: first floor or near an elevator, lower countertops and closet shelving, wider doors to accommodate wheelchair access. Please contact us if you have any questions about accessibility.

Our residential homes and apartments are regularly inspected by internal management, Managed Care Organization governing bodies and DHHS Division of Health Service Regulation, ensuring that guidelines are followed, standards are met and living environments are safe. Additionally, our apartment buildings are regularly inspected by local fire marshals to further ensure the safety of our residents.

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