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How is a referral made for NCSTART CENTRAL Services?

  • The process for making referrals depends on the age of the individual:
    • Referrals for individuals age 6 to 20: These referrals are given to us directly from the MCO for that county. If you aren’t sure which MCO operates in your county, check out this map and call the MCO access line to request that a referral for NCSTART Central be made.
    • Referrals for individuals age 21 years+: Anyone can refer these individuals for services through our program by calling our 24/7 Crisis/Referral line at 919-865-8730. The on-call coordinator answering the phone will take information and will add the individual to our waitlist.

How do I know which region I should contact for services?

  • NCSTART is a statewide program and we are divided into three regions. NCSTART West, NCSTART Central, and NCSTART East. The individual will receive services based on the county they live in. Refer to the map on our home page to find out which region serves your county.

How much do services cost?

  • NCSTART services are free to individuals no matter what type of insurance/funding that individual has.

What happens when my case is opened with NCSTART?

  • When a case is opened with NCSTART, the individual and the team of support will be notified by an NCSTART Clinical Coordiantor and an intake meeting will be set up. During that meeting, the team will determine how NCSTART can be of the most help on the case.

Do I have to have Innovations or other services to get NCSTART services?

  • No. We are a systems model, which means we work with whatever service providers, family members, etc the individual has in place. We do not replace other services, we act as consultants to the services and support systems that are already in place.

What will an NCSTART coordinator do for my case?

  • Clinical Coordinators act as consultants and educators. Their roles on teams vary so that they can provide the support, consultation, and education that will be most helpful to that team. Coordinators collaborate with the team to write a comprehensive crisis prevention and intervention plan and trains members on the team on how to use it. They also provide training on how to see an individual through a holistic lens and how to change the environment to best support an individual by looking at their strengths.

What other services does NCSTART offer besides Coordinators?

  • NCSTART Central is a team approach. We utilize the skills and clinical knowledge of the whole NCSTART Clinical team to drive our services. For the community, our team offers trainings, resources, education, and collaborative linkages. For individuals we serve, the Coordinator assigned to a case will work with the team to see if utilizing our Resource Center or STC program would be appropriate and therapeutic while also educating, training, and collaborating with the individual’s community team.

If an individual is in crisis and I call the crisis line, will NCSTART come pick them up?

  • No. We offer consultation by phone and may come out for a physical response to help de-escalate the situation depending on the circumstances. We also assess individuals we serve in hospital settings to collaborate with psychiatrists and medical staff on how the person can be safely supported in the community rather than enduring a traumatic long term hospitalization.

More questions? Need more information? Please contact our 24/7 Crisis/Referral line at 919-865-8730.

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