Easterseals Disability Staffing Network (EDSN) is an approved employment network through the Social Security Ticket to Work Program for people with disabilities looking to find and maintain long-term, meaningful employment. We are dedicated to providing an individualized approach to help you achieve your goal of self-sufficiency. We cannot guarantee employment through the Ticket to Work Program.

EDSN Approach for Job Seekers
1. Individualized Assessment 2. Employment Preparation 3. Job Placement 4. Retention Support

1. Individualized Assessment 
A comprehensive intake and Individual Work Plan identifies your short-term and long-term goals and EDSN services needed to achieve those goals.

2. Employment Preparation
EDSN helps with locating education opportunities, updating resumes, mock interviewing, and identifying effective job search techniques.

3. Job Placement
EDSN partners with organizations in various industries that are actively looking to employ individuals with disabilities.

4. Retention Support
Once you obtain a job, EDSN ensures that employment is maintained by offering continuous support to you and your employer.

Contact Us

Questions about EDSN? Receiving SSI or SSDI and want to work through the Ticket to Work Program? Contact us at (855) 838-7111 or edsn@eseal.org, or EDSN Director Tiesa Johnson at tjohnson@eseal.org.