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Randy Rutta's Plans for Easterseals Future

Randy Rutta and Kids“We aren’t the same organization today that we were when I joined, in large part because the people Easterseals serves, and their circumstances, evolve and change,” says Randy Rutta, president and chief executive office of Easterseals Headquarters as of January 1, 2015.

In his new position, Randy plans to shepherd the organization’s continued evolution with innovation, collaboration and clarity. “We are at the doorstep of being able to accomplish even more transformational things,” he says.

In the coming years, Easterseals will continue to pave new pathways for people with disabilities, veterans and their families--opportunities and supports that will serve them across their lifespans. As Easterseals embarks on a brand renaissance in 2015, we’ll do so under Randy’s leadership in fresh ways.

“Every aspect of our organization naturally will be revitalized by this brand conversation so that the brand experience is as powerful, engaging and lasting as any logo or tagline,” explains Randy. “We’ll make it easier for people to share who we are, what our contribution to communities has been, and what we can contribute moving forward.”

At the top of Randy’s “To Do” list for Easterseals:

Invite Engagement: We’ll offer more ways people can engage with Easterseals whether a client, volunteer, contributor, partner or collaborator. Examples include an online marketplace that will offer more convenient access to Easterseals expert training programs and resources, as well as expanding digital outlets of communication.

Advocate & Lead: From advocating for legislation to support the rights of people with disabilities worldwide, to putting specific systems in place for widespread accessibility in home, the workplace and communities, Easterseals will continue to be a strong leader and advocate for equality, opportunity, and independence, on a local, national and international level.

Improve & Innovate: While Easterseals continues to invest in our direct services, all aimed at helping individuals reach for and realize their full potential, we’ll also strive to invest more in innovation and infrastructure. For example, “We’re working to develop a model for inclusive childcare,” Randy says. “No system currently exists to help childcare providers (other than Easterseals) understand, with confidence, how to include kids with disabilities in their programs, and we want to change that.”

Ensure Growth: Randy would like Easterseals to grow with “sound and robust financial support” to ensure we have funding to improve services, invest in pioneering ideas and offer cutting-edge resources. “Why do I want more resources?” he asks. “So we can make a greater difference. It all comes back to the mission.”

“We have great people who are motivated for all the right reasons to carry this great organization forward,” he says. “Easterseals is so valuable in the nation and in the world, and we have the potential to do so much more.”

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