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National Representatives

Easterseals clients have represented the organization for more than 50 years. Through their stories, they have taught a national audience about Easterseals services. Easterseals appreciates their dedication, and hopes others will be inspired by their experiences.

Auburn Smith

Auburn Smith, Easterseals 2013 Youth Representative

Richard Mariello

Richard Mariello, Easterseals 2013 Adult Representative

Caroline Long, Easterseals 2012 Child Representative

Ben Trockman, Easterseals 2012 Adult Representative

Kyle Mayer, Easterseals 2011 Child Representative

Jennifer Bleidistel, Easterseals 2011 Adult Representative

Shannon Saunders Eaton, Easterseals 2009 Child Representative

Jessica Segal, Easterseals 2009 Adult Representative

Scottie Gaither, Easterseals 2008 Child Representative

David Owens, Easterseals 2008 Adult Representative

Tori Boyles, 2007 Youth Representative

Maurice Snell, 2007 Adult Representative

Matthew Gaughan, 2006 Youth Representative

Ryan Odens, 2006 Adult Representative

Lindsey Connelly, 2005 Youth Representative

MaryAnn Riojas, 2005 Adult Representative

Marti Clark, 2004 Youth Representative

Chad Cunningham, 2004 Adult Representative

Robyn Weichel, 2003 Youth Representative

Barbara Gordon, 2003 Adult Representative

Hope Avery, 2001 Youth Representative

Claire Huckel, 2001 Adult Representative

Palmer Harston, 2000 Youth Representative

Rosimar Hernandez, 2000 Adult Representative

Bethany and Colin DeVault, 1999 Child Representatives

Kenny Denton, 1999 Adult Representative

Zachary Hastings, 1998 Child Representative

Gary Bickford, 1998 Adult Representative

Brandon Stein, 1997 Child Representative

Beverly Jones, 1997 Adult Representative

Allison Falleur, 1996 Child Representative

Salley Barrett, 1996 Adult Representative

Michael Phillips, 1995 Child Representative

Johnny Watts, 1995 Adult Representative

Amanda, Brandy & Christy Jones, 1994 Child Representatives 

Colleen Flanagan, 1994 Youth Representative

Betsy Worstell, 1994 Adult Representative

Jimmy Ryser, 1993 Adult Representative

Palani Anne Thies, 1993 Child Representative

Mandi Anne Rutherford, 1992 Child Representative

Dan Giuliano, 1992 Adult Representative

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