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Pre-Vocational Development Department

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Department Mission Statement:   "Provide people with disabilities the training, support and opportunity they need for successful employment outcomes."

The Easterseals Western and Central Pennsylvania Pre-Vocational Development Department is a premier provider of services specifically designed to provide a safe and encouraging environment for its participants.  The Department works closely with each individual and their interdisciplinary team to match their needs, preferences, abilities and interests with appropriate job training. 

The admission, provision of services and referrals of clients, patients, residents and/or students will be made without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, age or sex.

Pre-Vocational Evaluation Services - The Vocational Specialists work as a part of the individual's interdisciplinary team that determines the level of support they need to achieve their goals.  This process results in recommendations and an individualized plan for achieving facility-based or competitive employment in the community.

Work Services Program - A licensed, facility-based, prevocational, day program that provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity for meaningful work, in a controlled setting, under the guidance of professional supervision.  Individuals may enter this program once their interdisciplinary team has determined their ability to do so.

The work for this program is obtained from local businesses and industries that are in need of high quality and timely contract fulfillment. Read about our Business Services Department here.

School to Work Program - This is a transitional program for high school students with disabilities who are 16 and older.  This program gives each enrollee the opportunity to gain work experience in a real-world setting.  The students are given the opportunity to build skills and learn proper work habits while they train.

Employment Planning Services - Personal hygiene, appropriate attire, workplace norms and employer expectations are among the many work-related competencies individuals are instructed in.  Skill enhancement, travel training, work ethics and other techniques are also stressed to assure the successful job placement of the individual.

For information on any program, please call 412.652.9019 Ext 1001.

Contact us to request additional information about Easter Seals Workforce Development services.

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