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We’ve Got Talent! Meet the 2018 Easterseals Art Calendar Artists

Whether it is with paint, pencil or construction paper, we all remember what it is like to turn a blank sheet of paper into an expression of our own creativity. We thank those in the Easterseals family who have shared their artwork and helped us create our annual art calendar! Here’s a little more about who they are.

Featured Artists

Ty, age 11, has Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and severe scoliosis that have caused multiple medical complications. The first place his parents called was Easterseals Southern Georgia. At the time, doctors didn’t think Ty would ever walk or talk — but today he does both, plus he loves to read and create art! Reserve your calendar.

Six-year-old Elijah faces multiple challenges, including cerebral palsy, visual impairment, and developmental disabilities. Still, his personality shines through during the after-school program at Easterseals UCP North Carolina and Virginia, where he enjoys arts and crafts. He is also working hard to master everyday tasks in order to be more independent. Reserve your calendar.

Michael is an outgoing 20-year-old. He lives in a group home operated by Easterseals El Mirador in New Mexico, where he has support to learn skills that will help him become more independent. Other goals include earning his GED and perhaps starting to teach Spanish to fellow residents. Michael enjoys reading and travel. His case worker says, “We are so happy to have him.” Reserve your calendar.

Matthew’s parents are both deaf and nonverbal, while he is not. They started bringing him to Easterseals Rio Grande Valley’s child development center last year so that he could learn spoken language and socialize with other children while they both work. Now 3, Matthew loves computers and sports. At Easterseals, Matthew’s father says his son has made big strides toward getting ready to start school. “They have a plan,” he says. “It’s a great place.” Reserve your calendar.

More Artists

"Swimming Turtle"

Benjamin, 5, doesn’t have special needs, but at Easterseals Serving DC, MD, VA, he’s learned alongside children who do. Now he’s ready for kindergarten! Reserve your calendar.

"Flowers with Hearts"

Kristy, age 6, is both caring and creative. Her parents are grateful that Easterseals North Georgia helped prepare her to start kindergarten last year. Reserve your calendar.

"Thunderstorm Cloud"

Noah-Yvan, 5, created his artwork while in preschool at Easterseals Children’s Academy in Meriden, Connecticut. Now in kindergarten, he loves cars and trucks! Reserve your calendar.

"American Pride"

Quiet and sweet, Evelyn, age 5, enjoys art very much. She has received support at Easterseals North Georgia for speech and developmental delays. Reserve your calendar.

"Crabby Beach"

Three-year-old Alaina is independent, energetic and creative. She doesn’t have a disability, but she learns alongside her classmates who do while attending a child development center at Easterseals Iowa. Reserve your calendar.



Jaylynn, 7, has autism and has made tremendous progress at Easterseals UCP North Carolina and Virginia, where she’s worked hard on her speech and social skills. Reserve your calendar.

Lady Bug Fun

"Lady Bug Fun"

Luke is a lovable and caring 4-year-old who has a speech delay. He has made huge strides while attending a child development center at Easterseals Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Reserve your calendar.

harvest moon

"Harvest Moon"

After being born premature, Matthew faced a number of challenges, especially with feeding. But now he’s 3 and thriving at Easterseals Rio Grande Valley in Texas! Reserve your calendar.

"Gobble Gobble"

Two-year-old Brody is a new big brother. He likes to build and put things together while attending a child development center at Easterseals Iowa. Reserve your calendar.

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