2014 Campership Recipients

2014 Avril Lavigne Foundation CAMP S.T.A.R.S Campership Recipients

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Summer Week Long Campership Winners

Joe Campbell


Joe Campbell (19 years old)
Joe LOVES Camp Stand By Me.  Joe has struggled with health issues over the recent years.  With our ability to offer him pacing and a schedule tailored to his needs, he did very well.  The theme the week he attended was ‘Color Wars.’  Joe wore a neon orange wig to every activity all week and really got into the theme.  Joe enjoyed swimming races with a number of the counselors and was thrilled when he beat one counselor with a 3 second head start – it was a fun ongoing activity to channel all his energy.  He also had a boy’s sleepover with another camper, where they stayed up, watched a movie and had popcorn.  Joe had a wonderful week at camp.

Ken Mulvaney


Ken Mulvaney (15 years old)
Ken enthusiastically participated in every activity during his week at Camp Stand By Me.  Even when there was down time, you would find him smiling, dancing, and interacting with the counselors.  This was a great social experience for Kenny, he was quite the camp socialite! He loved the dance, where he danced with almost everyone and even led the conga line. He also enjoyed getting his face painted neon for ‘Color Wars’ week!

Grace Larsen


Grace Larsen (12 years old)
Grace made a really special friendship with one of our counselors in her first session at Camp Stand By Me, and when she returned for her second session she immediately wanted to find her. Grace loved having her hair braided, and she really enjoyed soaking her counselors and fellow campers during the water fight at the camp carnival. Grace has a ton of energy which can sometimes be challenging, not at camp though.  Her favorite counselor was able to meet that energy level while supervising Grace with a perfect approach.  Grace had a blast running around camp being silly, and we sure enjoyed her being here.

Jayden Justice


Jayden Justice (9 years old)
This was Jayden’s first time at Camp Stand By Me and he loved every second of it. Jayden flourished within bounds of the care supervision and flexibility that our staff offered. The theme was ‘Harry Potter’ during his stay, and Jayden loved doing crafts that related to the books, getting assigned to a house (like in the books), and getting his face painted. He was really excited to do archery, but quickly found a passion for horseback riding, which he had never had the opportunity to do prior to coming to camp. Jayden made a lot of friends and hasn’t stopped talking about Camp at home, including talking about his favorite counselor. He now insists that everyone who comes over to his house look at his CD of more than 900 photos from camp! His family shared that he has gained a lot of confidence since camp – they feel that this is the result of his participation in the activities at camp (without needing to be with his mom). He even learned the word “independence” and feels that he can do anything he sets his mind too now, without help.  It was an incredibly impactful week at camp for Jayden.

Summer Weekend Respite Campership Winners

Caleb Hoffman


Caleb Hoffman (9 years old)
Caleb's family has struggled to find adequate respite care that meets Caleb’s needs and they were nervous about leaving him at Camp for the first time.  So, we were thrilled when Caleb (and his family) had wonderful weekend! His aggression remained low as he thrived on the freedom offered at Camp Stand By Me. Caleb’s parents were so grateful for Caleb’s positive experience that they were in tears.  They were able to recharge and take their first break in very long time. 

Daniel Shumlak


Daniel Shumlak (16 years old)
Daniel has attended Camp Stand By Me for many years. He is a wonderful young man that is non-verbal and does need one on one support. In his recent respite sessions, Daniel has responded positively, as the staff learns to follow his cues and find activities he enjoys. Daniel’s parents are very happy he has had the opportunities at Camp that he would otherwise not be able to participate in.  Camp Stand By Me always has such an immense impact on Daniel.

Joey Kurlander


Joseph “Joey” Kurlander (13 years old)
Joey has been attending Camp Stand By Me for 3 years and needs one on one support. When he first started attending Camp, he preferred to be alone or only with his counselor. Over his time here, he has shown so much growth.  He has been less aggressive, he gets involved in activities, wants to interact with other campers and clearly feels more safe and at ease.  We look forward to continuing to watch Joey grow and thrive at his sessions at Camp.

Kelley Fox


Kelley Fox (20 years old)
Kelley has been attending sessions at Camp Stand By Me for several years. Her family says she “lives” for Camp and all the friendships she makes here. She looks forward to the experiences she has at Camp all year long.  She enjoys participating in all the activities offered at Camp. Counselors all agree that Kelley is delightful, a lot of fun and adds so much to the camp experience for everyone attending.  

Megan Fisher


Megan Fisher (12 years old)
Megan’s mom has shared that while at home, Megan shows moderate behavior challenges. However, at Camp Stand By Me, these behaviors all but vanish! Megan loves attending Camp, where she especially enjoys doing activities and having new experiences at the Recreation Center. Megan’s mom says she really appreciates knowing that Megan is having such a great time and having a weekend to relax, too.

Charlotte Hawkins


Charlotte Hawkins (9 years old)
Charlotte had the time of her life.  She attended a December respite session.  She had some moments when our staff needed to comfort or gently redirect her, however, once the magic of camp and our staff took hold, she had an absolute blast.  She enjoyed dressing up in costumes, dancing all around camp, and going for walks in the woods surrounding Camp Stand By Me.  It was an extremely beneficial experience for Charlotte.

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