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Adult Services

Lexington Day Center

Our Adult Day Center is located in Lexington, TN and serves adults with disabilities by providing a safe place to learn and participate in constructive activities and programs. Our training and dedicated staff members offer high-quality care to individuals, while promoting their dignity and independence. Adults with disabilities benefit by having opportunities for socialization, loving care and support that helps maintain their health and well-being. The services provided are also an affordable alternative to costly in-home or residential care. Caregivers benefit by having a break from daily care-giving, physical and emotional support in caring for a loved one, and convenience and flexibility to help meet a caregiver's needs.

Community Participation

Frist Visit 2013

Day Center clients visiting the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville, TN.

Recreation, social activities, and volunteer experience are just three activities that Easter Seals Day Center attendees are involved in through community participation. To meet clients’ need, we offer transportation services to and from these engagements.

Piecework Program

Piecework Program

Day Center client assembling straps as part of the Piecework Program.

Clients at the Day Center have the option to participate in our Piecework Program, through which they are paid a fixed rate for each part they assemble. 

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