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Jayceon's Story

Jayceon and his family joined Easterseals in February 2017 when he was evaluated for speech therapy. He is a sweet two-and-a-half-year-old boy who resides with his mother, older sister, and younger brother. Jayceon has been identified as “at-risk” for Autism after failing the MCHAT and follow up screenings. He will have a full evaluation for Autism in the fall. His pediatrician recommended contacting BabyNet after concerns with the failed screenings, delayed developmental milestones, as well as regression in his language.

His Early Interventionist (EI) and his mother worked hand in hand to find a company that could not only support Jayceon’s needs in speech therapy, but also help guide his family through the process. It was the EI who recommended Easterseals, but asked Jayceon’s mother to look at the website to make sure it met the family’s criterion. His mother’s main concern was that the therapist was knowledgeable in her field and agreed to work with Easterseals. Since the beginning, his family has been very supportive of his team (EI, SLP, and the newest addition OT). His mother sits in on all of his sessions and asks educated questions. She communicates his weekly progress and carry over activities between disciplines. His older sister is always eager to help and participate when needed. She enjoys working with him and imitating the clinician.

After four months of therapy, Jayceon is making amazing gains in his receptive and expressive language skills. When Jayceon started therapy he was only saying “eat”. He is now imitating the clinician more consistently and using some spontaneous speech. His functional skills have also improved. He is able to play with toys appropriately, clean up his mess, transition between activities, and seek out attention in a more positive manner. He is signing more and all done as well as producing word/ word approximations including mom, go, stop, baby, night-night, bye-bye, star, cookie, blue, and green.

Jayceon is an absolute joy to work with each session. He lights up when the clinician arrives and is interacting more each week. Overall, his mother is very happy with his progress and can see the little differences it makes each day in his life.

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